More links and ANOTHER HOSTAGE TAKING IN PARIS! Links 3 on Jan 9 2015

1. Channel4 News: Islamic State claims responsibility for Paris attacks

Some Arabic and Kurdish sources in Mosul, Iraq, are reporting that Sheikh Abu Saad Ansari, the head of preachers in Islamic State, has said IS is responsible for the terror attacks in Paris.

Charlie Hebdo

It is believed that he warned in his Friday prayer at Rahman Mosque in Mosul, that what happened in France is a message to all the international coalition countries and will be repeated in all of Britain and America.

The brothers accused of the killings at the Paris office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo have linked themselves to al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula, as have police and the authorities in France, where it is reported one of the brothers was sentenced to three years for terror offences in 2008.

2. Geert Wilders, called ‘Far Right’ by dishonest propagandists, on 4 News

3. So, constable, what gave you away as a brothel boss – was it the £178,000 Ferrari?

(Only slightly less dangerous than the muslim doctor, is the muslim security officer)

A police officer who led a secret double life as the boss of an organised crime gang was caught out by his own force bosses – after driving into work in a £170,000 Ferrari.

Osman Iqbal, 37, earned around £40,000 a year as a sergeant for West Midlands Police responding to 999 calls in Kings Heath, Birmingham.

But unbeknown to his colleagues he had links to a string of brothels and peddled class A drugs in exclusive areas of London.

4. Pakistani Muslim who fought alongside the Islamic State has sent a threat letter to Finish politician, Jussi Halla Aho

A man fronting for ISIS sent a threatening letter to Jussi Halla-aho, according to Yle, he is a man from Pori with a Pakistani background who travelled to Syria in the fall. SUPO has sent the threat today to the police. Police from South-West Finland are investigating the matter.

True Finns MEP Jussi Halla-aho On January 7 received a threatening message on Facebook. According to him, it was posted a few days before to him, then to SUPO and to the Helsingin Sanomat.

5. FRENCH SIEGES COME TO BLOODY END: Charlie Hebdo assassins shot dead as they attack commandos… then third hostage taker is killed as armed officers storm Paris grocery store


Hostages have reportedly been taken in a jewelry store in Montpellier, Southern France. The new incident is being reported shortly after hostages were freed and Charlie Hebdo suspects killed in Northern France.


I would say the Muslims are playing musical hostages, but muslims dont allow music.

Thank you WTD., M., and many more!

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  1. French president Hollande: “France knows it is not over yet with the threats” –

    ‘Those fanatics have NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM…’

  2. LEBANON – HEZBOLLAH – Jihadists offended Muslims more than cartoons

    The chief of the powerful Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah said Friday that Sunni jihadists have caused more offence to Muslims than any book, cartoon or film.

    In a televised speech, Hassan Nasrallah also said Western countries were aiding jihadism by exporting terrorists to Muslim countries.

    “Now, more than ever, we need to talk about the prophet (Mohammed) because of the behaviour of certain terrorist groups that claim to be Islamic,” said Nasrallah.

    “They offended the prophet of Allah more than anyone else in history,” he added.

    “Through their shameful, heinous, inhumane and cruel words and acts, (these groups) have offended the prophet, religion… the holy book and the Muslim people more than any other enemy,” said Nasrallah.

    And he said that offence was “greater than the books, the films and the cartoons that have insulted the prophet.”

    He did not mention cartoons published by French magazine Charlie Hebdo that led two jihadist gunmen to slaughter 12 people at its offices this week, but said the “authors of offensive books and cartoons that were insulting to the prophet” are among Islam’s enemies.

    Nasrallah was indirectly referring to “The Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie, against whom Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa, or religious order, to have him killed.

    Nasrallah also alluded to a video entitled “The Innocence of Muslims,” which was distributed online in 2012 and caused an uproar among Muslim communities all over the world.

    A series of cartoons showing Mohammed were published in a Danish newspaper in 2005 and Charlie Hebdo was among the media that reprinted them.

    Hezbollah joined a string of other Islamist parties and movements and called for demonstrations against those cartoons.

    Meanwhile, Nasrallah also said France “exported” jihadists to the region.

    Hezbollah has sent thousands of fighters into neighbouring Syria to aid President Bashar al-Assad in a civil war in which he claims that all his opponents are foreign-backed jihadists.

    The regime has frequently singled out France for backing the opposition.

    Many members of jihadist groups in Syria are Westerners, from countries including France, the United States and Britain.

    video ( in Spanish ) :

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