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9 Replies to “In France, the crazies are truly running the asylum”

  1. In the video…..” In France, the crazies are truly running the asylum” the woman seems a litttle unhinged and appears to be constucting irrational scenarios involving some kind of outlandish conspiracy theory of her own confused invention!
    Thankfully any passing french policeman can immediatly help diagnose her psychological condition and immediatly spot the difference between a psychotic episode, and implementation of the sharia……

    We need “Inpector Clouseau” on this one …..he is an officer of the loe!

  2. It hardly seems worth noting that the claim there is any sort of disparity between a political act and a religious act in an act of Islamic terror is a distinction without a difference.

  3. Who knew the mentally ill needed the military deployed against them?

    This deployment has greatly pleased ‘Le Figaro’ who say it is necessary to combat “the enemies within”. So necessary, in fact, that ‘Le Figaro’ won’t even say who this enemy is.

    Anyone know??

  4. Islamic State ‘shoots down coalition plane in Syria’ (BBC, Dec 24, 2014)

    “Islamic State (IS) militants have shot down a US-led coalition warplane over northern Syria, activists say. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the aircraft, believed to be from an Arab state, went down near Raqqa. The UK-based group said the fate of the pilot was unknown, but IS supporters published photos they said showed a Jordanian airman surrounded by gunmen. Jordan is one of four Arab countries whose aircraft have been bombing IS positions in Syria since September.”

  5. It is more upsetting for governments to come to the realization that they are facing Islamic jihadi. Easier to ascribe all other non-jihad motives, and pretend they are traditional lone wolf attacks by mentally unstable people.

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