New rules in Austria will effect islamic-state relations.

Interview with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff on new rules for Islam in Austria.

To better understand this issue, here are three articles on the organizations and the law being discussed here.

1. Law on Islam completes 100 years in Austria

2. Austria celebrates ‘model’ law on Islam

3. Austria: Muslims Outnumber Catholics in Vienna Schools

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11 Replies to “New rules in Austria will effect islamic-state relations.”

  1. Hitler was supported by Austria.
    Austria after being defeated promptly banned Mein Kampf.

    Mohammad is supported by Austria.
    Austria is defeated as an Islamic Balkan State and promptly bans the Qu’ran.

    You can take the stupid out of the country, but not the country out of the stupid.

    • “The article 1 of Law on Islam 1912 says, “The adherents of Islam shall be granted recognition as a religious community in the kingdoms and crown-lands represented in the Imperial Council in the meaning of the Constitutional Law of 21 December, 1867… The religious community of the adherents of Islam according to the Hanafite rite shall… enjoy the same legal protection as is granted to other legally recognized religious communities. The doctrines of Islam, its institutions and customs shall enjoy the same protection too, unless they are in contradiction to state law.”

      “Among the four established Sunni schools of legal thought in Islam, the Hanafi school is one of the oldest. It has a reputation for putting greater emphasis on the role of reason. The other three schools are Hanbali, Maliki and Shafi’i.”

      Muslim and Kufar in Austria alike were holding hands in peace and harmony under the Reich of Hitler. Such a unifying and stabilising government they long for.

      • “The Hanafi school considers that a woman is not obligated to cover her feet, differing with all other schools.”

        “The Hanafi school teaches that the time of the Asr prayer starts when the length of the shadow is twice as long as its original objects, while all other schools view that Asr prayer starts when length of the shadow is as long as its original object.”

        Source: wiki link in previous post.

        And the Anglicans cried when the movie Life of Brian took the proverbial out of them.

  2. Did I hear right, did she really say that if passed the new law would outlaw all religions that don’t accept Austrian law as the supreme law?

    • Its something very much like that. My concern is that the Austrian state has no machinery to enforce it, if this new look at the situation comes up with the inevitable conclusions it would have to draw. Which puts Austria in a position it cannot afford to be in. So they will likely lie to the public and claim there is no conflict, exactly as they did in the case of ESW’s hate speech charges where they decided that she was guilty because Mohamed was not a pedophile because he was still tapping Aisha after she reached the age of consent as we see it.

      I don’t think many Western nations actually have a way out of this dilemma actually. Since they cannot enforce the law, they will have to lie to make it look like no law has been broken, no matter how ridiculous they look and just hope their pension kicks in before the next elections.

      • Well, all other religious groups in Austria have accept supremacy of Austrian law. Only Islam hasn’t. Gee, I wonder why…

        Update: apparently tomorrow the Turkish ambassador to Austria will officially convey Erdogan’s protest about the new law to the Austrian government. This is now an all out war between Turkey, which demands its imams in Austria remain under Turkish tutelage, and Austria, which demands the execution of a law.

        Frightening times ahead. I fear Austria will cave in.

      • When I became an NCO I was told not to give any order I didn’t have a responsible expectation of being obeyed, the same thing goes for governments and laws with the added qualifier that they don’t have the ability to enforce.

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