More material on Iraq. Will Iran and US join the fight?

Clinton makes up things to say. Someone please send her out for coffee

Who leads the ISIS division of Al-Qeada?

(Hint: He got a Ph.D. in Islamic studies in Bagdad, then formed a militant group. Who, possibly ever could have seen that coming?)

Raw: Muslim terrorists Seize Former US Base in Tikrit

Iraq citizens welcome ISIS invaders

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  1. So, when is it going to come clear to everyone that regardless of the circumstances and regardless of how hard you try, Islam simply does not work as an underpinning for human life. Where there is Islam there is always hatred and strife because Islam is motivated by fear and greed and paranoia and lies rather than on any type of spiritual principles. Does anybody really think that these Sunni maniacs will calm down once they’ve killed all the infidels and all the Shia Muslims? Is everybody getting clear on what the right answer to that is? If we let enough Muslims into the West, our countries will look just like Iraq does now. Islam is not a religion, it is a disease…


    Speaking of law enforcement in Canada………

    Lets not forget about the RCMP and their cozy deferential relationship with violent Muslim jihadists here in Canada.

    The RCMP, for all their efforts, for all their alleged diligence, for all their alleged professionalism, have produced little in the way of results in the fight against the jihadists in Canada other than a few token arrests of low-level Muslim stumble-bums. FACT.

    The fact is that under the watch of the RCMP, rather, the incompetent bumbling watch of the RCMP, many areas of Canada have become fertile ground for the cultivation and production of jihadists and self-detonating Muslims. The last one the politically correct RCMP clown show “missed” came from Calgary, one Salman Ashrafi, a jihadist that murdered over 40 people. How strange.

    Next….on the subject of ISIS…….

    This is a 10 minute video of a crucifixion conducted by the ultra-violent ISIS in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

    This is how you control an entire area through the murder of just two men.

    The reality, and not one lost one Muslims in North America or Europe, is that using this style of tactic, it would take less than 200 men to control an entire city anywhere in North America or Europe.

    Further reality can be found in the concentrated, organized efforts of a network of less than 2000 men, easily raised through the network of mosques and the Muslim terror training camps that openly and with impunity exist across North America and Europe, could shut down an entire country.

    I can safely say, that if called, if provided with loose leadership, the Muslims in the United States could easily raise a force of 50,000 Muslim combatants. They may be poorly trained and poorly organized but they would, through sheer fanatic, suicidal blood-lust alone, paralyze the United States. Combine those same Muslims running amok in the streets with the infiltration of our military and law enforcement by the Muslim and the chaos they would create internally and the result would be the United States on her knees.

    This estimate does not even include the force or numbers of the Muslim growing exponentially once they smelled blood or the upper hand. This exponential growth would come from your “good Muslim” who would rather join the emerging power structure rather than risk losing and either being killed or being enslaved.

    For those of you who scoff at such a suggestion you obviously don’t know the power of fear and the cowardice and apathy of the average citizen.

    And you scoff and ignore the concept of identifying with particularity, the Muslim, in its every form, that lives and moves amongst us?

    And you scoff and ignore the need to arrest, incarcerate and deport the Muslim from our countries, the same Muslim that seeks or death or enslavement?

    Ask yourself a question.

    Were Muslims in America to, while televised by the Media, butcher and crucify several Americans in a small town or small city, and do so while wearing a particular uniform, how much resistance would those Muslims encounter across America as they continued their campaign of terror and domination?

    And before you answer that look to the impotence of our state and federal governments as our borders and countries are overrun by human garbage and criminals from the third-world. Now imagine that same scenario only this time with those same intruders carrying AK47’s.

    But then again, I’m simply ranting again, simply spewing Islamophobic nonsense, simply fear-mongering.

    Silly me.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. Pierre Conesa : « On ouvre une période de… par rfi

    « Les anciens cadres baasistes ont apporté leur savoir faire à EIIL ».

    « On ouvre une période de guerre civile probablement extrêmement sanglante. Si effectivement l’EIIL prend le pouvoir à Bagdad, on va vers un massacre de chiites qui est probablement aussi grave que ce qu’avait fait Saddam Hussein dans les années 92-93. »

    Vers 3’22”: “Moi, j’ai de plus en plus le sentiment que c’est un conflit confessionnel” [entre chiites et sunnites]

    Vers 3’50”: “[…] le véritable problème, moi, en tant que Français, c’est de voir l’écho que va rencontrer cette “victoire” de l’EIIL par rapport à nos salafistes qu’on a sur le territoire français. C’est-à-dire, c’est un formidable souffle d’encouragement et probablement de basculement dans le jihadisme.”

  4. Oh yes…

    Iraq conflict: Sistani ‘issues’ Shia call to arms (BBC, June 13, 2014)

    “Iraq’s most senior Shia cleric has issued a call to arms while Sunni-led insurgents seize more towns. The call by a representative of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani came during Friday prayers, as the militants widened their grip in the north and east, and threatened to march south.

    The UN says hundreds have been killed – with militants carrying out summary executions of civilians in Mosul.

    Both the US and Iran have promised to help the fight against the insurgency.

    Led by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), the Sunni insurgents have threatened to push to the capital, Baghdad, and regions further south dominated by Iraq’s Shia Muslim majority, whom they regard as “infidels”….”

  5. Somalia’s al-Shabab militants impose dress code (BBC, June 13, 2014)

    “Somalia’s al-Shabab militants have rounded up around 100 women and ordered them to comply with a strict Islamic dress code or risk being whipped. The women were arrested in Buale, about 300km (185 miles) south-west of the capital, Mogadishu.

    BBC Somali analyst Mohamed Mohamed says it is rare for al-Shabab to carry out such mass arrests. The al-Qaeda-linked group controls much of southern and central parts of Somalia.

    The women were arrested in the market, taken away and warned before being released. Because it was their first offence, they were not punished but they could be whipped in public if caught again.

    Our analyst says the temperature can reach 35C (95F) at this time of year and so many women preferred to wear lighter, traditional clothes than those approved by al-Shabab. The women were told to wear a niqab, which covers all of their body and face, leaving just a small slit for their eyes…”

  6. Will Iran and US join the fight?

    Not if we blog it to death.
    Bombing Syria and Bergdahl-as-hero were brainstorms of our Dear Leader. Till social media & Drudge [et al.], then Fox & CNN blew them out to sea. Uncle Vlad helped with Syria.


    They’re already there. And if hairy old Shitte shrines are razed, they’ll have no choice but to escalate.

  7. The quickly deteriorating situation in Iraq is so similar to what is happening in Syria where a strongman leader in Maliki, who has chosen to govern solely from a Shiite power base closely aligned to Iran, has actively alienated large Sunni and Kurdish populations in Iraq which is sparking this uprising. And just as in Syria, terror groups such as Al-Qaeda have sought to take advantage of the situation by jumping in.

    Iran’s decision to send in troops from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is nothing more than a pre-emptive attempt to keep another regime upright that is falling to popular discontent and preserve the string of friendly governments it is seeking to boost in the region. Iran’s mullahs recognize correctly that their precarious hold on regional power under strict Shiite control is in danger of slipping and as such have to go all in to preserve it. It’s an old recipe for them they have already practiced in Syria for two years. The irony here is the perception that the West and Iran might both be on the same side of supporting Maliki which is a dangerous assumption to make.

    Just as backing other strongmen in the region has turned out poorly for the US, sticking by Maliki would also be a mistake. It should set off warning bells anytime the US and Iran find themselves on the same side of any issue.

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