Madman in Moncton

There has been seemingly endless news coverage,  in this is a very sleepy part of the world where a stolen bicycle still makes the news, so what’s happened? obviously 3 dead and 2 injured RCMP officers, and a lunatic running around with 2 high powered rifles, That all said we have seen some fairly militant action around the at the end of last year, and a fairly active ‘Palestine Solidarity’ movement both at large and connected to the local universities.

When this all kicked off, a friend first emailed me this rather graphic witness video and  the shooters Facebook page I quickly noticed that he was only a member of one FB page, which he had also “Favorited”.


“Anonymous World Resistance”, one of many Anonymous FaceBook groups, with about 1000 members, notably with videos of police all over the world committing violent acts (with no context or location), support for the ‘palastinian cause’ and the expected anti-Semitic memes, one of which Justin had shared on his wall. So while the press have been happy to show Justin the hunter with a surprising hatred for the police, I have not seen one reference of his connection to Anonymous, which he clearly had, the page quickly drew a lot of praise for the cop killer, a local disgusted hacker “doxed” the page members and some of its content, due to the admins of the page clearly unwilling to distance themselves. Once they saw the dox, they deleted the FaceBook page themselves. If you read through the members list, you will see many who are local, and that local organisations and even the local Uni, UNB have liked it.10441063_1416276705321435_2321131925969274675_n

I have just heard thankfully that the madman has been caught from a friend who is in the locked down zone, it’s not public yet, lets hope its true. And lets also hope that Anonymous, the self proclaimed protectors of the 99% are held to account for this tragedy, the same as an imam sending a student on a suicide ‘martyrdom’ mission.

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    For the obtuse, allow me to preface my ramble with a couple of qualifiers.

    Am I pleased 4 RCMP officers in Mayerthorpe are dead? No I am not.

    Am I pleased 3 RCMP officers in Moncton are dead?. No I am not.

    This, in no way, is an approval of the actions of the killer in Moncton, but simply a statement that reflects reality. And before your heads explode, before you jump to conclusions and you go losing your minds and start blathering about moral relativism this and moral relativism that, at least read the entire post and then read the material and the historical context provided by the links down below. Its called fact and reality.

    I once spoke to a senior RCMP officer, of the Grande Prairie, Alberta RCMP detachment. Our conversation touched on many subjects including, briefly, the image the Canadian public has of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I made no secret of my negative but fact and reality based opinion of the RCMP.

    In response, the officer was very quick to point out, in glowing terms, what he termed to be, “adoring spectators who loved to see the RCMP in their red serge uniforms on Parliament Hill”. This was his mechanism used to gauge Public sentiment; adoring spectators and tourists.

    Stunning isn’t it?, almost incredible isn’t it?, as in this officer’s simplistic assessment of RCMP popularity, can be found the arrogance and ignorance of the RCMP disconnect that has blinded them to reality.

    The reality is that there is a considerable difference, a difference that escapes the rose-coloured myopia of the aforementioned officer and his peers, a marked difference between average, decent law abiding Canadians who suffer the injurious excesses of the thuggish RCMP and corndog noshing, shutterbug tourists looking for photo-ops on Parliament Hill. A considerable, almost abyssal difference, yet one that escapes the RCMP.

    For many years, almost two decades, the RCMP have, diligently and enthusiastically, been acting as a murderous, lawless, hostile, offensive, aggressive and unaccountable force that moves among the Canadian citizenry with impunity committing a laundry list of crimes against those same citizens. FACT.

    Gun control is an example. There always have been calls for our guns and the RCMP, after the Canadian gun registry program was ordered dismantled, have been extremely active in opposing direct government orders to destroy their gun registry data bases. In fact the RCMP have defied direct orders from the Prime Minister of Canada to destroy gun registry data. In short, in opposition to Parliament, the RCMP have openly defied the PMO and the majority of Canadians. FACT.

    Strange now, that we are called to “work with us” by a law enforcement agency that does everything in its power to work against the Canadian public.

    The RCMP, further acting as a “self appointed” legislative” body has been quietly adding dozens and dozens of rifles to their “banned and restricted” lists and all without the approval of, and in complete defiance of, our elected officials in Ottawa. FACT.
    In fact the RCMP have been virtually a law unto themselves committing unlawful entries into residences without authority or warrants. In High River, Alberta, while residents were away on a flood-alert evacuation notice, the RCMP, ever the opportunists, kicked in the doors of dozens of houses and ransacked them looking for “guns” and all without warrants, all without permission and all illegally. This was of course when they weren’t (aren’t) committing a host of other crimes. FACT.

    Lets not forget about the RCMP and their cozy deferential relationship with violent Muslim jihadists here in Canada.

    The RCMP, for all their efforts, for all their alleged diligence, for all their alleged professionalism, have produced little in the way of results in the fight against the jihadists in Canada other than a few token arrests of low-level Muslim stumble-bums. FACT.

    The fact is that under the watch of the RCMP, rather, the incompetent bumbling watch of the RCMP, many areas of Canada have become fertile ground for the cultivation and production of jihadists and self-detonating Muslims. The last one the politically correct RCMP clown show “missed” came from Calgary, one Salman Ashrafi, a jihadist that murdered over 40 people. But I don’t see RCMP Supt. Marlene Snowman with a quivering upper lip, wavering voice and misty eyes publicly grieving for the over 40 dead,. How strange.

    It is a matter of Public Record that the RCMP have committed a virtual laundry list of crimes that range from murder, manslaughter, theft of evidence, pedophilia, trafficking narcotics, assault, terrorizing their own family members with their service weapons, tampering with witnesses, robbery, fraud, drunk driving and the list goes on and on and on and on. And, sadly, there does not seem to be any end in sight to their criminality.

    Doubt what I am saying?

    Google these RCMP names;

    RCMP Cpl Jim Brown, Abbotsford, BC…….(look under Google images for this sicko’s stuff, this RCMP officer’s sexual deviance was well known to his RCMP supervisors who actually approved of it and did nothing. RCMP Cpl Jim Brown, directly connected to the Robert Picton case, likes to partially dress in his RCMP uniform, wrap young girls/women in Saran wrap, bind and gag them, cut them lightly with a knife and then subject them to a sickening course of humiliation and degradation and then post all of that to the internet. And his superiors do nothing. Repeat, nothing)

    RCMP Sgt Don Ray, Alberta, (pulls down his pants and asks his female coworkers to play with his Johnson, amongst other things)

    RCMP Const Geoff Mantler, Kelowna, BC (likes to brutalize and kick fully compliant arrestees in the teeth)

    RCMP Cpl Benjamin “Monty” Robinson, BC (likes to supervise the murder of Polish tourists and then kill pedestrians with his car while drinking)

    Robert Dzieka?ski, Polish tourist murdered by RCMP at Vancouver BC airport.

    Less than a year ago, Robert Dzieka?ski’s death was determined to be a homicide (fancy word for murder) by the BC Coroner’s office yet the officers responsible for the killing of Robert are still on duty. Please think about that for a minute; 3 RCMP officers committed murder and are still on duty.

    Further, the Crown Prosecutor in trying the charges of perjury against all the murdering RCMP officers involved in the Dzieka?ski case has been given no support by the senior RCMP commanders, none whatsoever. In fact, the RCMP has done everything possible to protect these murdering RCMP officers, and I do mean everything.

    But that’s not all.

    In fact, after the killing of Dzieka?ski, one of the killers, RCMP Cpl Robinson, killed another man that he ran over while he was driving drunk. The judge in that case gave RCMP Cpl Robinson a fine, and this for vehicular manslaughter. How nice. How’s that for a boost of confidence for the Canadian taxpayer.

    Copy and paste this:

    In fact, as we speak, the RCMP murdered another man with a taser in BC just yesterday, (June 5/2014) but again, we don’t see RCMP spokesmen like Const Darien Theriault with quivering lips, waving voices and misty eyes speaking about that death do we? No, what we do see is the RCMP engaging in their S.O.P of “closed lips” due to “matters under investigation”

    Sadly, the RCMP do not have a great many friends in Canada, not after the manner in which they have conducted themselves over the past 15 years.

    As then Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said, “The RCMP is horribly broken”. Truer words were never spoken.

    The fact is that many, many Canadians do not view the RCMP as “friends” and “good cops” and while Canadians do not wish the RCMP harm a growing number view them as thuggish persons to avoid.

    You can read a little more about the RCMP here, it is an essay I wrote a couple of years back called “Of Mounties and Murder”, please do read it, it contains a few details regarding RCMP mayhem and criminality that may open your eyes.

    Now, predictably, these murders will be seen as an unexpected but welcome windfall by the predatory and opportunistic leftist/liberal vultures who share the RCMP’s hatred of legislative freedoms and protections, and as a result both will be howling in unison for more gun control.

    In closing, while the corrupt, unaccountable, hypocritical, criminal, outrageous, draconian and unceasingly injurious actions of the RCMP in no way call for their murder, as seen in Moncton, there are, as the saying goes, two sides to every story.

    That “other side of the story”, that “reality check” is found here today.

    While the RCMP have been quick to spin this act of murder in Moncton as their injuries sustained in their brave and selfless line of “protecting our communities”, the reality is that the killer isn’t targeting civilians, he is hunting the RCMP.

    Perhaps if the RCMP were not so enthusiastic about serving their own interests, perhaps if the RCMP weren’t so enthusiastic about killing the very Canadians they are sworn to protect, perhaps if the RCMP weren’t so enthusiastic about breaking every law in the Canadian Criminal Code, then perhaps they would not have suffered the injuries they did yesterday in Moncton, New Brunswick.


    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    PS: of course all the truth I have spoken both here and in the essay Of Mounties and Murder, will, to some, make me “anti-police”….or “pro-gun”…..or a “brooding cop-hater”….or a “right-wing gun loving extremist”……or “Islamophobic”……or…”anti-authority”……or “anti-government”…….or a “militia-type”…….funny isn’t it?……how the truth paints a person in colours that oppose that same truth and reality.

  2. Taliban prisoner release with a spin. Havent had this one yet… Good Job Barrack Hussein! Good job!

    Afghans angry over prisoner swap (CNN/Video, June 5, 2014)
    “The deal to free a U.S. prisoner has caused arguments in Washington and anger in Afghanistan. Fionnuala Sweeney reports.”

  3. Libya warplanes raid Islamists in Benghazi (alarabiya, June 6, 2014)

    “Led by renegade General Khalifa Haftar, the Libyan warplanes raided Islamist extremists-held pockets in the eastern city of Benghazi, an army spokesman told Al Arabiya News Channel Friday. The army targeted Sidi Faraj and al-Qawarsheh in Benghaz and destroyed an ammunition warehouse belonging to the militants in the northeastern port city of Derna, spokesman Mohammed al-Hijazi said.

    The raid comes as Libya’s outgoing premier Abdullah al-Thinni travelled on Thursday to Benghazi, hit by heavy fighting between irregular forces and Islamists for the last three weeks. Public life in the port city, a base for oil firms, has largely come to a standstill since Haftar declared war on the Islamist militias, saying the government had failed to tackle them, Reuters reported.

    Tripoli has denounced Haftar as trying to stage a coup.

    More than 100 people have been killed in almost daily clashes, sometimes involving helicopters or warplanes and hitting residential districts….”

  4. Maybe this guy is overly optimistic… Maybe he does not get the relations right but it seems he almost gets it at least in principle…

    ‘De-radicalize and re-energize Saudi education’ (alarabiya/opinion, June 6, 2014)

    “About ten days ago, the Saudi Minister of Education Prince Khalid al-Faisal shared the ministry’s strategy. In his statement he acknowledged the responsibility of education in the country in the radicalization of its youth: “the [educational] domain was totally left to them [i.e. the radicals of the country], [as such] there was no chance for Saudi moderate thought and a [teach] a moderate way of life. We abandoned our sons and daughters and they kidnaped them.” The statement went viral among Saudis.

    This was the frankest statement made by a senior Saudi government official who is also a senior member of the al-Saud royal family not only about the role of education, but also about the responsibility of the state for allowing radical elements in the country to control and guide the educational process. To hear him say that “we abandoned our sons and daughters and they kidnaped them” was a surprise to liberals and radicals alike.

    For the past thirteen years Saudis have been discussing the role of education in radicalizing Saudi youth. The participation of many Saudis in the 9/11 attacks came as a shock to many Saudis citizens and officials alike, and the first target of critique was the educational curricula. The focus was on the intense religious content of curricula.

    Saudi students were exposed in their twelve year education cycle to a very radical religious content. So it was natural that Saudis should start by asking about the role of such a long socialization process on Saudi mindset and world view….”

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