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  1. Did Pakistan TV Debate Prompt Burning of Yoga Center? (nbcnews, March 10, 2014)
    “Armed men may have burned down a yoga center in Pakistan after it was criticized during a provocative television talk show, local observers said Monday.

    The Art of Living, a non-profit organization whose spiritual leader is an Indian yogi, was set on fire Saturday evening, three weeks after outspoken television anchor Arshad Sharif suggested it was a potential threat to Pakistan’s national security.

    The two nuclear armed nations are fierce rivals and have fought four wars and countless skirmishes.

    In a Feb. 14 episode of his prime-time show “Kyoon?” – meaning “Why?” – Sharif suggested that the facility’s spiritual leader, India yoga guru Sri Sri Ravi Sankar, “could be a national security threat to Pakistan” by having access to important officials.

    The center’s president, Naeem Zamindar, said the facility – which is registered in compliance with Pakistani law – was a retreat meant for spreading happiness.

    The center, in Islamabad’s affluent Bani Gala suburb, was attacked at about 8 p.m. local time [10 a.m. ET] Saturday, police said. “Eight to nine armed men approached the yoga center. They then proceeded to round up and tie up all three watchmen, and then went on to take their time to burn the place with the petrol they were carrying,” said Mohammad Imran, the Assistant Duty Officer of the Bani Gala police station.

    There was an angry response on social media, where Sharif’s detractors likened him to Meher Bokhari, another Pakistan anchor whose television face-off with a liberal governor, Salman Taseer, was said to have led to the latter’s assassination in 2011….”

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