A couple of SUN TV links

1. Ezra keeps on David Suzuki’s case. Frankly I think the media should expose this man’s profitable hypocricy right up until the CBC, a publicly funded state media empire, releases Suzuki’s many TV shows where he frightened the public about how corporations were going to destroy the world by putting us all into a new ice age from industrial pollution. Nuclear Winter he called it as pollution was going to block out the sun as if it was a post nuclear-war scenario. Or maybe a Simpsons plot where Mr. Burns was going to build a giant umbrella to do the same thing.

David Suzuki. Frightening children for cash since around 1970.

This clip I have been thinking about for a few days now. Brian Lilley debates a media propagandist about the incident where a woman gets killed on an escalator in Montreal by her hijab. This propagandist tells lies so fast and furiously that even Lilley slips up and agrees that this event being a horrible tragedy was a fact. No it isn’t a fact. Calling it a tragedy is a value judgement. One most might agree with, but it remains a value judgement. But that was the least of this mans nonsense.

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  1. Well,what can I say?
    Other than:- Brian Lilley stating the facts – four-eyed moron speaking to him…. PC coward wanker!
    And that about sums it all up folks!

  2. What a turkey. I don’t even understand why there had to be a vigil. It was an unfortunate accident, it’s not like she was murdered for being Muslim by some hate-filled Islamophobic bigot. Would there have been a vigil if her family name was Leblanc? Global News headline: ‘Calls for tolerance at vigil for Montreal metro escalator death victim.’ For crying out loud. Yes, we need more liberal-minded escalators.

  3. Don C. Excellent point. Its like seeing a vigil for the ‘stars’ of 1000 Ways to Die. Would we hold a vigil for the woman who’s discount fake tits blew up in an airplane? The analogy is near perfect except her prosthetics where not a symbol of oppression.

  4. Eeyore, great analogy. An Ethan Cox (or Ethel Qooch?) might write an article saying the implants made that woman a victim of patriarchal oppression, as she was forced to get them in order to conform to a male-dictated ideal of the female stripper. And the patriarchy kept her salary too low to afford the non-exploding ones, or denied her full Medicare coverage, and with as little thought the same crowd could go out with their candles in the February cold. But these vigil-keepers seem incapable of grasping that Islam is real life, honest-to-goodness oppressive, not liberal arts college Advanced Victimology oppressive.

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