News links for Feb. 7 2014 – 2

1. Sarajevo on fire. Protests turn violent. BBC article here

2. Another video of the prison in Syria.

3. An interesting travel update from Phyllis Chesler:


My trip through Security at JFK this afternoon was slowed when one of the agents spotted me holding a copy of the Jewish Press. He found it suspicious, brought it to another agent, and they had a discussion. At that point, my bags were opened and searched. Meanwhile, a woman in niqab – a veil covering the entire face except the eyes — walked through without incident. I saw no one ask her to lift the veil to check her actual identity against her documents.

4. World View: Russia Contemplates Military Action in Ukraine After Sochi

Some Russian nationalists in Moscow are discussing a possible military annexation of Ukraine once the Sochi Olympics games have ended. It’s becoming increasingly common to refer to the anti-government protesters as “fascists” or “Nazis.” In the case of some groups, this characterization is not far from the truth. One anti-government activist, Dmitry Yarosh, is a follower of Stepan Bandera, who helped Hitler’s army evict the Red Army from Ukraine during the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941.

5. Australia: Sex crime charges laid against man ‘married’ to 13yo girl

Police sources say the 26-year-old man and the girl were “married” in an Islamic religious ceremony in the Hunter region last month.

The marriage has no legal standing in Australia because of the girl’s age.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, allegedly met the girl in the Hunter region last year and began an ongoing sexual relationship with her.

6. Threats to Britain’s Open Society

For several hundred years, people have thought of Britain as the epitome of modern civilisation and land of Enlightenment that gave rule of law, individual freedom and democracy to the world. In early decades of the 21st century, this image is being eroded, as pockets of Britain are being transformed into isolated enclaves, administered by Islamic clerics associated with different mosques and madrassas.

(Islam ‘Balkanizes’ everywhere it can)

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  1. Re Phyllis Chessler at airport, another reason to ban the veil (and public mask wearing) is that the veil wearers are making themselves an exception to the surveillance cameras we have installed in public places.

  2. The UK looks to be heading toward either partition like India or complete Islamic state like Afghanistan or Iran et al. But too many in not only in UK but Europe can’t imagine that happening in their lands. They think themselves immune to such scenarios. The only reason why partitioned happen in India is because there was a sizeable enough Muslim population. No other religion in India demanded partition. India/Pakistan/Bangladesh would have been one country, India, were it not for Muslim nationalists. Muslim nationalism is not peculiar to India, and it is not a result of Hindu-Muslim tensions. Muslim nationalism is global If you look into Jinnah’s and the Muslim league two nation theory they talk about pan-Islam across many nation states. Muslim nationalism is about Muslim-infidel of all kinds tensions. Europe and the UK are not immune to that.
    In 1948, Jinnah said:
    “ Islam has taught us this and I think you will agree with me, for whatever you may be and wherever you are, you are a Muslim. You belong to a nation now. You have carved out a territory, a vast territory, it is all yours; it does not belong to a Punjabi or a Sindhi or a Pathan or a Bengali, it is yours.”

    And it seems no matter how many fanatics quite openly tell them their take over plans, it falls on deaf ears. The UK just saw a British soldier butchered in broad day light, in their own country by jihadists. Partition of India can happen in Europe because Muslim nationalism is about the world. But it does not look like people of the UK and Europe will believe it in significant numbers before it is too late and their lands are partitioned or all under Islamic state. By population growth alone, UK will be majority Muslim in the not too distant future.

  3. Russia is getting ready to rebuild the Russian Empire, how long before Putin declares himself Czar,he is already doing what Ivan the Terrible did and positioning himself as the protector of Christianity

    #6 The left claims to be worried about an imagined .Christian theological tyranny but help create an Islamic one.

  4. BULGARIA – Huge turnout in Plovdiv for protest against Muslim court claims on property

    Local media said that during the protest, the court building in Bulgaria’s second city was “besieged” by the protesters while traffic in one of Plovdiv’s main boulevards was blocked and traffic police had to seal off two other roads in the city.

    Protesters held posters reading, among other things, “Bulgarian land – we will not give away a single stone”, “If we lose control of Bulgaria, we lose everything”, “Stop the Islamicisation of Bulgaria” and “Down with the MRF”, the last being a reference to the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, a party led and supported mainly by Bulgarians of ethnic Turkish descent and the Muslim faith and also a party in the country’s current ruling axis.

    Reporters in Plovdiv quoted protest organiser Elena Vatashka as saying that it was “unacceptable that a country like Bulgaria, a member state of the European Union, could allow the Chief Mufti to own land. The court should take account of public opinion but not of political parties, she said.

  5. This from the BBC on Bosnia on how the violence started in Tuzla:
    “The workers were joined by students and political activists. After they began stoning the local court, violence broke out. ”

    political activists. A handful of rioters and the BBC paints Bosnia as a “Balkans Spring”

    bull s~t.

  6. GAZA – Muslim strangles toddler niece to death to avenge family dispute

    Hamas Police and the Public Prosecution in Gaza have arrested Emad Al Souri, the uncle of two-year-old niece Hadeel Ahmad Al Souri, who was missing since December 30, 2013.

    The Gaza Police announced late on Wednesday that the child’s uncle had been arrested for strangling her to death and burying her on an empty plot of land in the refugee camp. The child was found buried about a kilometre from her home.

    Sources in Gaza told Gulf News suggested that Emad committed his crime to avenge domestic disputes with Hadeel’s parents.

    […]Several suspects were arrested, among them was Emad, the uncle who confessed the heinous crime during the police interrogations. The Gaza Police have referred the suspect to the Public Prosecution for further investigation to determine his motive for murdering a two-year-old.

    After his arrest, Gaza Attorney General Esmail Jaber and the Chief of Intermediate District of Gaza Lieutenant Colonel Foad Abu Butaihan supervised an operation in which the murderer reenacted his crime in detail at the crime scene. ( video )

    The Gaza Public Prosecution, which released pictures of the operation, officially announced that the maximum and toughest penalty, capital punishment, will be demanded for the murderer.

  7. Ginger-Tard is a creature of Anjem Choudary.
    Choudary’ll give him the nod, sic that wretched animal on us, and then what?
    Better send it to Syria, let it pop off there.

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