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5 Replies to “Mosque building and the islamization process in Germany”

  1. Terrific.
    She brought up a whole new image for me: Mosque naming & construction is an extension of sectarian competitiveness.
    Imagine dueling minarets on Boston Common, drooling flagellants facing off against bearded nighties. Puzzled professors smoking pipes, cast as clueless Solomons.

  2. Some German soldiers who had served in the Afrika Corps invited Egyptian Muslims to build the 1st Mosque in Munich. It what happens when people lose faith in their culture. Now we have this crap.

    World War I should never have happened. Ditto World War 2. Hitler and Chamberlain bear responsibility, but so do a many other people.

  3. No they aren’t the ones fighting, they are usually the ones at home who insist that the western nations disarm and give peace a chance. They refuse to learn that the peaceful nations are peaceful only when they are well armed and willing to fight for their freedom.

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