News links Feb 1 2014 – 2

1. Interesting approach to combatting terror. Apparently from Israel.

2. Want to check the accuracy of Fjordman’s predictions?

The most important thing to do when considering the veracity of a model is check it for its predictive value. For example, have a look at what Al Gore said about the height of the ocean by 2014 and what it is now. Then see how much he paid for his ocean front property in San Francisco. Alternatively, read the above linked Fjordman article on the EU why why it should be dismantled from 2008 and see if the past 6 years have proven his models to be accurate or Gore’d. If you see it as I do, one begins to understand that the money is always in fiction.

3. Eastern Lebanon Hizb’allah HQ hit by bomb set by Al Nusra.

4. There are rumors that the US is actively trying to interfere with General Sisi’s presidential ambitions. 

(It would be difficult to understand why the Obama admin would be so against this person when the reasons for supporting him are many times those of the Ikhwan which Obama does support. This remains true even if you believe that Obama isn’t actually supporting the Muslim Brotherhood but just believes in the first Egyptian revolution.)

5. The streets of Central London Jan 27 2014

Thank you Taffy in Canada, M, Red Fox Blogger, Fjordman, and all who sent in material. GoV and more.

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5 Replies to “News links Feb 1 2014 – 2”

  1. Well Obama supports the muslim brotherhood! Almost unconditionally. And I think any administration in Washington would do so. Republican or Democrat.

    The muslim brothers are simply clients of the West and are the prime players in the “regional transformation” the Western regimes want to see. From Tunis to Libya, to Syria and Egypt the West (US-EU-NATO) gangs up with the islamic forces each and every time.

    Egypt is most likely headed towards social and political breakdown. And the West will support the brotherhood yet again in the coming second round.

  2. Pope- I agree, almost “unconditionally”, doesn’t matter which party.

    But maybe the Western governments have become clients of the MB?
    Who’s on first?

  3. #1 LOL

    #2 All of his predictions have been proven right.

    Pope Urban II I wish I could say you are wrong but the only way that the US won’t support the MB is for a true conservative to win the Republican Primaries and the election. Since the leaders in both parties hate the conservatives (because they want small government with limited power) the conservatives have an uphill battle before they can win.

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