He cut his children’s throats

Original translation by Oz-Rita

from Bild.De

Zilin (4) and Ilias (6) stabbed to death
He cut the throat of his children
at 6.50 the dentist rang the Police
Dr. Fardeen A. (38) in the police car, later he will be transferred to a psychiatric ward.

Glinde near Hamburg: A neat house, children’s bicycles, a trampoline in the garden. Behind the white walls, a father destroyed his family in a few seconds, cutting the throats of his children.
Every thing appeared so peaceful….before the drama
Dr. Fardeen A, (38, born Afghan) worked as a dentist in Hamburg-Bergedorf, patients valued his friendly manner, colleagues his competence. He regularly brings flowers to his wife Behnas (30).

She brings her daughter Zilin (4) to the kindergarten and son Ilias (6) to primary school in the morning. He plays with the little ones in the evening. Recently the father offered his loved ones a holiday in Dubai.
After this he seems strangly intraverted, but initially the idyllic family picture did not change.

Thursday evening, the children are put to bed. They would never wake up again.

At 6.50 the father dials emergency. “I have killed my children” he says. When police enter the children’s room, the little ones lay side by side. Under their heads: blood.

The father is arrested, later a warrant for murder is issued. A.’s speech is confused, he is sent for psychiatric examination. According to a spokes person for the police, the man suffers from a mental illness which excludes him from criminal liability.

The prosecution investigates if the motif for the killings was religious fanatism. The mother collapses, receives counselling, moves in with her mother.

On monday 23, the teacher has to explain to the first class, why Ilias is not there any longer.


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  1. Islamic ‘Black Slave’ Trade

    Almost all Blacks living in U.S. today can trace their roots back to a slave ancestor.
    The awful truth is that Arabs ravaged Africa for nearly a millennium engaging in enslavement of Africans on a grand scale before the Europeans began exporting black slaves. In fact, the Arabic word for ‘black’ (“abed”) is also the same word for ‘slave’.
    This is because, the black Africans became synonymous with slaves to Arabs. Over 120 million black Africans were killed by Muslim in one of the greatest holocausts in history. Some 75% of slaves perished on their way to markets thousands of miles. To ensure that black men could not have children Muslims castrated them; many died in this barbaric cruelty. This is the reason there are no Blacks in the Middle East.
    Slavery is a divine institution in Islam, enshrined in the Koran and unchangeable for all time. To admit that slavery is a mistake is to admit the fallibility of the Koran and bring its divine origin into question.


  2. The above is cut & paste, but the point is important.

    Dark skin was abhorrent among tribes of the Arabian peninsula, and dark-skinned peoples continue to be regarded as inferior today. It’s as plain as the features on the faces of today’s ruling class Arabs. Just compare the admixture of races in the USA to that of the Gulf states, where slavery prevailed for millennia.

    Males were castrated. Females bore children whose skin-color determined their fate, down or up, death or slave.

    Pakistanis aren’t Arabs, will never be valued as more than beasts of burden or cannon fodder by the sheikhs who toss scraps at you. Your skin is too dark, lips too thick, noses too flat. High-caste Indians wouldn’t have you; you thought you’d do better as Muslims.

    Are those Gulf Arabs tossing you coins now? Brain-washing generations of you? Teaching your children how to blow themselves up to further their causes?

    Afghans, Pakistanis rabid defenders of your eternal masters.

  3. Can19:

    I am going to reply to one of your few posts that actually has any substance, as opposed to sophomoric ad-hominem attacks on a fellow poster to this thread, who has patiently and politely asked valid questions based on solid Islamic theology and to which you, and for that matter all other muslims here, have not bothered to answer even one point, preferring instead a deluge of insults that I vaguely recall hearing from the less intelligent kids in grade 6.

    You seem to think that the geographical accident of muslims living on top of an ocean of oil somehow is a credit to islam. Let us be clear on the following points:

    1. Oil has exactly no value at all other than American infidels invented the automobile, the airplane, powered boats, submarines, ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Bushnell ) and a giant variety of other devices which could be powered by oil as well as coal dust etc. The Americans and Europeans then went to the middle east and foolishly convinced the various despots there to take money for the oil instead of just taking the oil. Something the West is oft accused of, and in hindsight, probably should actually have done.

    The great cities of Dubai were built using Western-educated architects and executives and mostly done with black slave labour, as the muslim arabs who enjoy the ludicrous life of wealth that American oil money gives them, would not sully themselves to stoop so low as to actually do anything useful, preferring instead to abuse other people and lift their gluteus maximus to the sky 5 times a day, believing that to be of some great benefit to themselves and the world.

    As for hospitals, I don’t even have to look that one up. I am quite confident that the first hospital would predate Islam by thousands of years. Once again, you are likely trying to take credit for Arab invention and thought as a muslim thing. If indeed the first hospital was even an Arab idea.

    One great Saudi philosopher observed the following: (paraphrasing) “My grandfather rode a camel, I ride a Rolls Royce and my grandson will ride a camel”. He made this observation because he had noticed that Arabs and Muslims had been given the once-in-a-geological-era opportunity to catch up to the modern world with all this free money and instead elected to devote themselves to islamic intolerance and spend the money trying to get everyone else to do the same. As a consequence, once the oil runs out, or equally likely, once the US discovers another power source, muslims will once again find their proper place in the universe.

    I hope you enjoy the polio, leprosy, gout, smallpox and all the other diseases that Western medicine can treat or has nearly eliminated and that Islam is working three shifts to bring back. This, is islamic accomplishment.

  4. Obviousguy,
    You have revealed the women that kill their children, the Socialist Dead-Minded as opposed to the Mohammadan Dead-Minded.
    Nature has ensured that a parent would die before they saw their child harmed. So what brainwashing has made them sick? Communism and Islam dictating they be Good Socialists and Good Muslims. A brain breaksdown trying to make stupidity a high brow intellectual pursuit.
    The children belong to the State or to Allah they reason in all plausibility. A dissociation of affection. And that child looks for love in all the wrong places; pedophile fodder for the self-annointed ‘carers’ and ‘priest’.

    You are right. You are truthful. You see the kingdom of the cowardly Westerners who have created poverty of spirit by doing nothing, and they see the sheeple Muslims going to their slaughter of souls too.
    Seeing the log in their eye, while they see yours; and no one showing you how to walk the Narrow way between the two.

    You know Jesus was just a man. I only ask you to be just a man too. Do that, and you will have no yoke to carry, no half-remembered religion to defend, only your conscience. And you would know it was not right for a grown man to marry a child, because you would not like it done to you. And you would accept Islam is the world leader in this and wonder why the advanced civilized societies rejected it, and now are failing under the spell of Socialism in creating sexualized, disturbed and infantile citizens.

    Seek and you will find. Weep and you will laugh. And blessed are those who are reviled for setting the children free.

  5. To obviousguy, we are not denying that horribly atrocious killing acts are often committed by non-muslims. Yes, they do happen, non-muslims commit hideous things too.

    However, their acts are NOT committed in the name of religion, as opposed to Honor Killings, which ARE committed in the name of religion, of Islam.

    Read sunni Islam’s most venerated and reliable books on sharia law for yourself, “The Reliance of theTraveller” (Umdat al Saliq), certified by Egypt’s Al-Azhar university, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam. GOOGLE IT please and see for yourself.

    How many times must this be mentioned? You will instantly have most of your answers. This book justifies honor killings, and places what islam considers to be “family-honor” before the family itself, or rather, at the expense of family.

    It says (section o1.1-2) that a father or mother who kills his/her child to PRESERVE family honor, is NOT subject to “retaliation” or punishment under sharia law.

    And in islamic countries where men are punished for this crime, their sentences are often shortened, suspended or pardoned. The rulings on this matter are based on the Umdat al Saliq.

    Read newspapers from Islamic countries, and you will see. For example: “Jordanian gets reduced sentence for ‘honor killing’ ” — OF HIS DAUGHTER (from AFP, Feb. 6, 2014):
    https://now.mmedia.me/lb/en/international/534282-jordanian-gets-reduced-sentence-for-honor-killing :

    This is because Islam MUST come first; everything must be done first and foremost to preserve Islam, even it if means killing your own child who acted out AGAINST Islam.

  6. Obviousguy:

    The world and human history is full of different kinds of organizing principles, often using religion or political systems and nearly always a mixture of both to try and cope with basic and diverse human nature, into a system that works more or less for everyone.

    In civilized nations, we look at our most base instincts which typically have a destructive effect and create victims as well as inhibit the growth of a civil society. For example, when there is a prohibition on mistreating women, you find that the parks are safe at night not just for women, but for peoples mothers, daughters and wives. Life is better for everyone despite the fact that all straight men desire sexual contact with most women to one degree or another.

    Your use of moral relativism utterly ignores the fact that while the same human nature and consequent problems exist in all societies, the problem is in how various cultures view, suppress or encourage certain actions. Islam tends to take the fun-house mirror view of a liberal democracy on most things, crushing individual rights and making children and women’s lives the sole and utter property of related men who have the codified right to snuff those lives on a virtual whim should those women or children act in a way not in accordance with the dignity of Islam as they see it.

    This is factual and demonstrable and if 1.5 billion people get offended for pointing it out they richly deserve all the offense they take. I hope they take enough that they reconsider their organizing principles altogether for fear of drowning in offense.

    You used pretty much all of the bag of tricks that the intellectual slight of hand of moral relativism offers. So I would like to counter most of it with the following observation:

    If all the doctors in the world felt that the best way to treat schizophrenia was with a series of soapy enemas as 1800’s era British doctors did, I would continue to say it is not no matter how many of them I would offend. Follow? It does not matter how many people believe something which is wrong or repugnant. It only matters that it is wrong and repugnant.

  7. Let’s start again guys. I assume that we are still writing about the article entitled “He cut his children’s throats” posted by Eeyore at Vlad Tepes blog on January 26, 2014… clear so far, okay. It is about a horrible “Afghan born” dentist who after offering his family a “holiday in Dubai” turns into an “strangely introverted” being who ends up killing his own two kids. We are told that the prosecution is still waiting to find out “if the motif for the killings was religious fanatism”. That’s it, that’s all there is.

    After having gone through the entire text, it is amazing to find out how some of us through an extraordinary chain of Rumsfeldian reasoning method came up with the ‘honor killing’ conclusion. By the way, what is honor killing anyway? Isn’t that defined as the act of murdering a family member or close relative who is accused of having brought shame upon the family and the larger community?
    What makes us think that two innocent children whose primary preoccupation would have been fun and games – like any other children Muslim or not at that age – could have been the victims of an honor killing? Are we really that obtuse to deduce this? And of all places here on this blog, where some of us seem to be quite proud of our ‘civilized’ reasoning skills when encountering ‘ignorant’ Muslims.

    Do I think killing under the pretext of religion – any religion – is a sanctimonious act, of course not. History has taught us that all of the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) could be used, one way or another, to justify killing innocent people. Due to the ambiguous nature of the ancient sacred texts, they could be interpreted any number of ways. That’s why there are so many incompatible creeds and sects within each of the above three religions.
    That being said, honor killing is a heinous crime and it must be strongly condemned regardless of geography. However based on the information provided to us in the above article, let’s not forget that Fardeen was a Muslim version of a John List or a William Bradford who committed a cowardly act of child murder. I still maintain that it was a filicide, plain and simple.

  8. Obviousguy, you said the koran is ambiguous text. That it is not clear and self-explanatory. This I completely agree, for it contradicts itself and is anti-humanity with a violent them-and-us mentality.

    The link to this common Honor-killing cult is only because the man was raised in this ideology, that their children do not have unconditional love. Total love and protection. We know the perverts in the West also want to erode this Universal Law and expose prepubescent children to their Demon they serve in submission too, thank you, but two wrongs don’t make a right – except in a Muslim’s small mind-space in trying to balance their scales of goodness to get to Paradise. Therefore, not even by your Communist’s trick of Moral Relativism by pointing out the pigs among us, will it make Islam clean. It doesn’t. We look to the source and see it is similarly poisoned, not watching the mouths and hands moving rapidly to believe that being offended is a meal ticket to Preferential Rights in employment and Welfare. Stupid is as stupid does. Hurting kids like that barbaric ‘religion'(don’t make laugh), is what we don’t care for.

  9. You must remember Jesus did not have a religious ministry; he had a medical one. He said he came only, and I mean only, for the sick in the House of Israel. ‘Come all you burdened, for my yoke is light’. He showed the missing half of Judaism. That the whole truth sets you free. Evolution baby, is real.

    Every confidence trickster goes to women with tales of The Great Love of Socialism and then to be their prophet with messianic delusions because females are the influential-herd voters in the West. Their Love to steal, is greater than your natural love to give, they are told. They become a selfish uncaring population, justified having paid their taxes, walls of self-interest separates them, indulging in superficial distractions.

    To the Arabs they go with The Great Truth and an annointing that they flew to Heaven on a flying carpet or some shameful miracle, because they deal with such romanticed men and their possessions. Their Truth to state is greater than your truth to know, they preach. Your gullibility betrayed you and they ride you for your taxes, sacrifices and family to ensure you get to Heaven.

    The spirit moves like a wind, what was right to say to now will not be right tomorrow. There are no mechanical number of prayers.

    Feed my sheep.

  10. To obviousguy, of course it’s possible that this Afghan dentist, Dr. Fardeen, working in Hamburg-Bergedorf, killed his children due to a severe mental illness. I’m NOT ruling out that possibility.

    I’m just pointing out the fact that honor killings ARE sanctioned in Islamic doctrine (in the Koran, Hadiths and Reliance of the Traveller), which makes it so much easier to justify (under the “right” circumstances — that is, when family “honor” is compromised) because it is NOT considered morally wrong to kill one’s children when they act out against Islam and bring so-called “shame” or “dishonor” to the family.

    I, too, can present a long list of Islamic honor killings, as you did above for non-Muslim killing of children, but that would be missing the point here.

    It’s not a competition of non-Muslim killings vs. Muslim killings. The point is that more children are being killed because of sharia law that condones honor killing.

    All I’m saying is that there are enough crazies out there who kill their children, regardless of religion. We certainly don’t need yet even MORE senseless killings due to an Islamic “HONOR” law, which facilitates, justifies, promotes and encourages more senseless killings.

    I’m not ruling out the possibility that this Afghan dentist might have a severe mental handicap. It could well be. I don’t know if he is a religious Muslim who follows Islamic precepts pertaining to honor killing. I don’t know if he was in some way affected by it.

    HOWEVER, the existence of a religious Islamic law followed by many Muslims to this day, that condones the killing of children for the sake of what Islam considers to be family honor, does not help matters, and must be considered as a factor that “might have” played a role in this heinous crime.

  11. Obviousguy asks a question that bears repeating at this point.

    Is this murder alleged to have been committed as an honor killing, in part or whole? Do Islamic teachings explicitly mitigate the guilt of this man in this context?

    • Details are sketchy. I have not yet seen an article that gives a motive, except this one has a claim that it’s mental illness. But I have read about about a few murders in which a Muslim killed his children because they had become too westernized.

  12. Judaism and Christianity have reformed throughout the ages to adapt to the changing evolving times. Some of their rulings that once applied, no longer apply to present society — which is why we don’t apply ancient punishments, as depicted in their holy books, to crimes of today — like stoning people to death, which is considered illegal in Western countries.

    On the other hand, Islam has NOT gone through any type of reformation, as Mohammed instructed his followers that the koran can never be reformed, as it is considered to be the literal word of Allah, which is considered flawless, eternal and immutable in Islam. According to koran 6:115 and 18:27, no one can change the words of Allah. Hence, no reformation for Islam in sight. All the laws from 1400 years ago, still apply today.

    Stoning still remains a legal form of judicial punishment in many Islamic countries, as does crucifixion, limb amputation, lashing, hanging, beheading, etc. Honor killings linger on as well, they were never outlawed by Islam, they are impunible in Islamic countries ruled by sharia law. If anything, the perpetrators receive a lax sentence that certainly doesn’t meet the severity of the crime, because, as I mentioned numerous times before, Islamic doctrines condone this act, amongst heinous others.

    Whether this dentist killed out of honor is yet to be seen. Although we’ll probably never really know, for the same reasons that we’ll never know why a Muslim man got stuck in a New Jersey water treatment reservoir pipe last month, or why 7 Muslim chemical engineer students (from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia) were caught trespassing at the main Massachusetts public water supply (Quabbin Reservoir) that supplies water to Boston, last July. Don’t expect the mainstream media to broadcast the truth when it comes to Islamic crimes.

  13. It should also be mentioned that Islam is fundamentally alien to Western ways of thinking in more ways than have been discussed in this thread.

    For example, in Western nations, that which is not expressly forbidden, is allowed. In Islam it is pretty much the opposite (if it is not expressly allowed, it is prohibited), in addition to fatwas given daily on pretty much every conceivable circumstance that may occur in one’s life. And even many that at least I could never have imagined asking some cleric. Some of the famous ones are, what foot to enter a bathroom with, or that women who work with men should breastfeed these adult male coworkers to make them family and eliminate any sexual feelings that might occur. Seriously. Look that one up. But if you go to various islamic forums online, you can see daily lists of fatwas and instructions for the most obscene and detailed aspects of one’s most intimate life as well as the truly banal.

    It is no wonder that when the revolution happened in Iran, genuine scholars were executed or exiled, and their positions at universities and so on were filled with the most uneducated and brutish people whose only credentials were their degree of religiosity.

    This alieness, as well as Islam’s base value system and its organizing principles, needs to be factored in when discussing the motives of religious muslims when they commit what Westerners would consider crimes.

    Consider what happens when a Catholics have a schizophrenic breakdown. What actions do they take and what is the stated motive? Why would the exact same disease manifest itself so differently in one culture vs. another?

    Because culture is everything. Catholics might think of themselves as Jesus or the Virgin Mary and do harm to themselves or try to provide comfort to others, or become self-sacrificing. Muslims well, we know what they do. From Cafe’s in the Netherlands to streets in the UK, muslims who are said to be “mentally ill’ attack non-believers and try to kill them or in fact run them over and behead them, like they did to Lee Rigby. And they do so with 100% scriptural support from their religion. Much like the Catholic schizophrenics who try to extinguish themselves for the good of mankind or sell all they have and feed the poor, also have perfect scriptural support from the Gospels justifying those actions.

    So you see, this notion of “How do you know he wasn’t just crazy” means little to nothing. Crazy or not, the basic organizing principles and ethical systems of the person determine the actions and the motives.

    I would also recommend reading Dr. Thomas Szazz’s excellent book, The Myth of Mental Illness. While I do not agree in total with the good Dr. I think his ideas should always be factored into these kinds of discussions and in court rooms, usually are.

  14. But obviousguy raises a valid objection. That is, unless I’ve misunderstood, and if I have please jump in.

    Have we conflated this particular “filicide” with the run-of-mill “filicides” properly described as honor killings?

    Your ordinary salafist papa might be praised for murdering a disobedient 14-year-old daughter who refuses to marry her rapist. She must die. Honor killing, end of discussion.

    But this murder is different. It’s heinous and senseless by anyone’s reckoning. The children are very young, and – this is important – one is a boy. It doesn’t compute.

    Unless the father suspects these are the offspring of another man, foisted on him by his whore of an adulteress wife. That would do it. Kill all three of them, spike their heads on the shingle of his dental office.

  15. Yucki I have edited it for clarity (with help from a friend) and it should make more sense now. Gonna take another crack at it soon.

  16. I look forward to obviousguy’s meticulous, point-by-point refutation of David Solway’s ‘intolerant and hurtful’ lies in the article linked under News Links for Feb 14 2014 – 2. (1. PJ Media on mosques in your town and Gavin Boby). Obviousguy is a serious thinker and a fearless defender from offense of the ‘over one and a half BILLLION people!’ Exposing Solway’s fabrications will be easy for him; he will not shy from this challenge.

  17. In the not too distant present where giant Demoned-minds walked the land:

    “Will the Jury rise if they are able”

    “What say you, the Diverse Members of the jury, (guaranteed with one extreme cult member from every Preferential Group), to the crime that The Holy Islam played any part in cutting the throats of its two children-Muslims?”

    “Nought guilty.”

    “The crimes of the Sub-parent or Dom-parent having played any role in this?”

    “Nought guilty.”

    “The crime of the children having offended greatly the Dom-parent?”

    “Whole Guilty”

    “Let this be recorded. May it serve as a sobering warning to all children, that whether being raised by The State Sector with a minimum of four Tieds, or in the Islamic Sector of four Brides; their behavior must be exemplary to their care-givers or they will bring this upon themselves yet again.”

    [A recorded crash sound of two goats heads colliding to signify the end the pronouncement. He dips his hand in a bowl of water]

    That is all. *eh hem* What is our next case?

    “The child who kissed another in the playground.”

    And the one after that?”

    “The child who said the LGBTQM, Disabled and Race History Months made the non-preferential citizens more guilty than the extinct Catholics and Jews combined”.

    “Bring the first into my study chambers. For I wish to get to the bottom this ‘hen’s’ confusion. The second, will be another Confession and Elimination session. How dreary. Bring the body to me as per usual, to identify the signs of malaise. Malaise! and you thought I meant mayonnaise! Look at your face! Now get off and do your job

  18. Robert you could write a decent sized book on how much Islam demands violence death and hatred for the unbeliever but I believe mohamed already dictated one and called it ‘koran’.

    Muslims loath unbelievers so much, that Shiia islam actually claims that if it rains on an infidel at the same time as the believer, the believer can be made dirty by it.

  19. I’m a female Muslim from Indonesia. When I was a kid, as I remember it, Muslim radicalism in Indonesia was rare (I was a kid until the 90s). It’s just after the 2000s it become more and more ‘popular’… which is a sad thing, I must say. I hope that other people out there don’t label all Muslims as brutal heartless people who agree with killings. Many of us don’t…many of us are probably just have no choice (because if you’re born in a Muslim family, then you have to be a Muslim)… While some other Muslim are probably able to interpret the Islamic rules in a more peaceful perspective…

  20. widya,

    Growing up means to take off rose-tinted spectacles. It means to look at the religions we were born into and see them as pure mind-control; and that way, you will free your own mind. Look for the inconsistencies of men who claimed to speak on behalf of God. The Koran is full of errors. The Christian and Jewish bibles have errors. To err is to be human, not godly.. Try a website run by ex-muslims like http://www.faithfreedom.org to meet kindred, once wounded, free spirits.

    Welcome to civilization where you are master of yourself.

    To be chained to God or Man is to be a slave. And no matter how willing you make yourself, to hold it in pride, and go on parades and marches, you are still only a slave and spitting at the Unbelievers who do not yield to such perversity of mankind.

  21. widya,
    I’ve seen pictures of urban Afghan women years ago, fashionable ladies shopping in the afternoon. Decades ago. Now they’re phantom slaves.

    I’m trying to understand. There was an explosive madness that we in the West experienced as the Age of Aquarius and the Summer of Love. Okay, teenagers want to dye their hair purple, or even shave it off to chant, “Hari Krishna”.

    But this is ISLAM, this is DEATH.

    I feel sick for those women who were in the old photos.

  22. I am very happy, that you are searching about the truth, and one day You will find it, keep it up, brothers and sisters. I will also search for the truth but I will not fight with someone or say something bad and harsh to them, I will do it in peace. Thanks.

    • But Islam IS full of hate and bigotry. That IS the truth about it. If you find that to be “bad” or harsh, I can only tell you that truth is not always something kind and gentle. Truth is simply truth. So don’t here whitewashing Islam and expect to be taken seriously.

  23. Jalal,

    Yes, you write you are happy for those who seek the truth… But only if is the truth on their sleeve, that is, the submission to The Truth of Allah.

    Ah, That Truth of Allah that is so weak it can’t face honest debate. The founder who was a thief, murder and child and woman molester.

    These truths you don’t want found and discussed and invite death to those who reveal it from the hadith and sura.

    This website reveals the fruit of fundamental Islam. Read the evidence of evil deeds inspired by Mohammad. It is a terror cult as much as Communism. The soft belly of socialism and Moderate Islam are the breeding grounds for radicals and dictators, the carnivores of the sheepled.

  24. Islam separates you from God, the voice of your own conscience. Communists separated people from affection, to make marriage merely a sexual union as the start of humanity.

    Dysfunctional people do dysfunctional things. Who would have thought? The evidence of their cowardice is everywhere.

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