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6 Replies to “Ever wonder how the Afghan war is going?”

  1. Just very very tragic! What a painful useless criminal waste and then the same western regimes even turn around and support more or less the same jihadis in Syria. Oh Lord have mercy…

  2. – Pope Urban

    Yes, Obama and Cameron are both supporting the bad guys in Syria and nobody seems to care. The world has gone completely crazy – you are not imagining things. Great Britain and the United States of America are now supporting The Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda and the whole Jihadi thing while the world simply yawns. It can’t get much crazier than that, unless Obama decides to start carpet bombing Montana or something. I wonder if that would wake up the mainstream media, or if they’d just keep not being interested The United States is now on the other side. Wake up folks!.

  3. What about Obama’s son in Maryland. He’s a “Muslim” too. Replay of the OJ dynamics too. Jessie ex kills naive girl and her equally naive new beau. Did the new boy know not to go near?

  4. When you can’t name your enemy, when you tie your own hands, when your allies turn against you repeatedly, you have lost.

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