News links for Jan 10 2014 – 3

1. Asian motorist who was eight times the drink-drive limit when breathalysed is let off after judge says alcohol affects ethnic groups differently

(One has to wonder if this was due to the precedent set when a judge let off a number of muslim women who beat the crap out of an English woman calling her, “white slag” and similar names because Islam forbids alcohol and therefore they couldn’t have been used to it so were somehow not guilty of a racist assault)

2. Muslim-only cemetery for 4,000 people with 75 parking spaces proposed despite village next to it having ONLY 613 residents

(I have no objections to this one actually. It beats the crap out of having a mosque that big. May this be used quickly and efficiently and may there be many many more of them)

3. Multiple convicted con-couple gets no jail when convicted of marriage scam.

(England. One law for me, another for thee)

4. One in ten babies in the England is a muslim. Did no one think this would be a problem?

5. Afghanistan releasing 72 prisoners considered security threat by US

6. Amending Morocco’s laws which allow a rapist to escape trial by marrying the girl he raped.

7. Thirty Eight jihadis killed in Nigerian village. (I hear there is cemetery space for them now in England)

8. Egyptian prosecutors renew detention of Al Jazeera reporters for another 15 days on suspected terrorism charges

9. Gender apartheid in Saudi Arabia. A report. (The real apartheid that the left never mentions for some reason short of American Dad (AKA Family Guy variant))

Thank you UK Pete, M, Fjordman and all.


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  1. USA – Air Force Drug Probe Grows to 10 Officers

    An Air Force investigation into alleged drug use in the ranks has expanded to include 10 officers at six bases in the U.S. and Britain.

    Nine lieutenants and one captain are being investigated for illegal possession of recreational drugs, Air Force spokesman Lt. Col. Brett Ashworth said Friday. The case began with the investigation of two officers at Edwards Air Force Base in California and quickly widened to several other bases because of the airmen’s contacts with others about drug possession, he said.

    The probe surfaced Thursday as Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel visited F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming to give a pep talk to members of the nuclear missile force. Initially, officials revealed that TWO NUCLEAR LAUNCH CONTROL OFFICERS at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana were being investigated for drug use.

    On Friday, Ashworth said the probe now includes officers at Edwards and Malmstrom as well as at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado, Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and Royal Air Force base Lakenheath in eastern England, which hosts U.S. Air Force units and personnel.

    No other details about the investigation, which is being conducted by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, are being released.

  2. 4: This fills me with absolute despair and disgust. What other word to call this than a genocide? A systematic elimination by the authorities of an identifiable group of the population. In this case, it’s the indigenous English and Welsh, whom for centuries, quite happily enjoyed their Islam free nation.

    Statistics like this… is it really too late? Can anything possibly be done to stop what really is a genocide, an eradication of Europeans? This is published in a mainstream British newspaper; how can anyone over in the UK read such a headline and not take to the streets in fury over what is being done to them?

    God save England.

  3. 9/ What a great song.

    By the way, the reason that the Left never mentions the real gender apartheid in Saudi Arabia and would rather concentrate on demonising Israel, is because they are disgusting, lily-livered, narcissistic, Mussolinified, blind, stupid, immoral reprobates and someday they will meet their nemesis.
    They will be tried, convicted, and strung up and will die the traitors’ deaths that they deserve to die and nobody with any moral upstanding will shed even a single tear for them.
    They, not the Muslims, are the biggest threat to Western civilisation. We could swat the Muslim flies tomorrow if we had the chance – but the miserable stinking Leftists prefer to fight on the side of evil.

    Every leading Leftist will one day be named, shamed and publicly brought to account for their sordid seditious deeds, and their followers will live in everlasting shame, ridiculed by their own grandchildren and permanently branded as cowards until their dying days.
    It may take some time but justice will prevail.
    Justice will prevail!

  4. 9/ Familiarity with actual Saudi women does not incline me to choke up over their ‘plight’ in ‘a system of gender apartheid.’ There are much more urgent human rights issues on the peninsula, to begin with, like the rights of mistreated TCNs. And then the position and power of Saudi women in Saudi society is far more complex than this Swiss-Yemini writer makes out. As it is in any traditional society. The women of the family often play the deciding role in selecting wives for their sons, for instance. And where is the discussion of social class? Is a woman who jets to Paris to drop a few million Euros on baubles when the urge takes her really oppressed? No doubt we have liberal arts university programs teaching she is.

    I like any song that rhymes ‘labia’ with ‘Arabia,’ but the whole premise is wrong. It’s not grand if you’re a man, joy if you’re a boy in the Magic Kingdom, and I wish I had a dollar for every a time a Western woman has harrumphed and said, ‘Well it’s fine for YOU there.’ No, it’s not fine for the majority of Western men there, and what liberal arts programs should be considering is how we’ve become so confused in the West that any woman could possibly think so. What men secretly really want is a world with no women in it? Really? A lot of guys drink themselves to death in Saudi Arabia. It’s lousy for both Mars and Venus in the homeland of the moongod.

  5. TURKEY – ANKARA – Tens of thousands at anti-Erdogan protest amid vast graft probe

    Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Turkey’s capital Ankara Saturday in protest against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government, which has been rocked by a vast corruption probe.

    As Erdogan arrived home after a week-long tour to Asia, about 20,000 protesters gathered at Ankara’s major Sihhiye Square, chanting “revolution will clean this filth” and “they are thieves”.

    Some protesters were also handing out fake dollars with Erdogan’s photo on them.

  6. My opinion is that journalists believe in the Multicult. If it is good enough for Enlgand it ought to be good enough for Israel.

  7. Dan:

    I don’t follow your logic here. Yes, journalists are lock step with the narrative because most of them believe in it and also because you cannot work if you do not. But multiculti isn’t good enough for England, nor Israel nor anywhere else. It was a commie trick to try and make Western nations adopt a suicidal strategy and it is fully in force in Israel as well. Some nations are waking up to its consequences though and aspects of Israel, Canada and the UK are among them but not enough and not forcefully enough for the effect we all want.

  8. Softly Bob you got that right, if the left would let us the Moslem problem would be easily solved, instead they want to us the Moslems to destroy the west before they turn us loose.

  9. Softly-

    “[Saudis] are disgusting, lily-livered, narcissistic, Mussolinified, blind, stupid, immoral reprobates…”

    I’m not sure what “Mussolinified” means, but I luv the whole phrase!!

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