News links for Jan 11 2014 – 1

1. Kennel club in Finland publishes factual article on Islamic attitudes about dogs. The usual problems ensue, and the truth remains verboten.

(How does that Simon and Garfunkel song go? ‘I’d rather be a doggie than a tard’?)

2. child brides — one of Turkey’s deepest bleeding wounds.

3. Another major demo in Turkey: (Story here)

Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Turkey’s capital Ankara Saturday in protest against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government, which has been rocked by a vast corruption probe.

As Erdogan arrived home after a week-long tour to Asia, about 20,000 protesters gathered at Ankara’s major Sihhiye Square, chanting “revolution will clean this filth” and “they are thieves”.

4. A Breivik admits to being a Nazi disguising himself as a counter jihadi for some kind of psychotic double bluff. (Article in Swedish)

5. African Christian preacher uses congregation as lawn mower. 

What? Don’t I look like a minister? Are you a clothes racist?

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  1. UK -Britain First takes fight to Abu Izzadeen’s front door

    London – A team of Britain First activists described as ‘Kent Battalion A Company’ held a protest outside the taxpayer-funded home of the notorious anti-British Islamist Abu Izzadeen.
    Standing outside his home, Paul Golding Chairman of the patriotic protest organisation ‘Britain First’ says, “Right, we’re here in Brierley Road, Waltham Forrest. There is a team of activists here with me. Behind me is the house of notorious extremist leader Abu Izzadeen. We’ve come here for an early evening protest. It’s getting dark now, but we’re here to ruin his evening and to put some pressure on him and hopefully he will come out and speak to us and we’ll see what happens.”
    The group of patriotic British protesters then started chanting “Terrorist scum, off our streets” outside Abu Izzadeen’s taxpayer funded council house.

    Over the mega phone Paul Golding then says, “Abu Izzadeen if you can hear us, come out and face us. Don’t be a coward!”
    He continues, “You are quick enough to threaten the British people!”
    And goes on to say, “Abu Izzadeen, convicted of terrorism, served four years in Belmarsh prison, big hard man jihadist, running your world wide jihad from a sweet shop down the Mile End Road, don’t be a coward. Come out and face us. Right now. Abu Izzadeen, we’ve spoken to all your neighbours down this road. We’ve delivered leaflets and letters to all your neighbours down this road. They don’t want you down here!”

  2. #1 last week I was walking down a residential street in my local area. Coming towards me was a lady with a dachshund. On the other side of the road was a Somalian woman in a hijab carrying a little girl. The little girl was pointing and waving and the dog, and the dog owner was smiling. But then the mother slapped the girls hand, and started shouting “HARAM! HARAM!” at the kid, which started crying.

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