Islam Vs. science. A two hour debate.

For those who have a little extra time over the holidays, check out this debate between a world renowned theoretical physicist/cosmologist and some trite little tard who juggles various sophistries and simple rhetorical tricks to try and placate his mostly religious islamic audience for even allowing this kufar in the room.

I must say though, at least his arguments did not end with, “Believe this or we kill your family”. Yet.

For those who would like to skip the opening argument by the sophist, go to the 30 minute mark to hear the cosmologist rip him, and islam, a quantum black hole.

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3 Replies to “Islam Vs. science. A two hour debate.”

  1. Sorry, I couldn’t listen to either of them.
    Tard’s a glib, jumped-up kabob-seller. Mummy worships him, even Daddy is awestricken by the fruit of his loins. (Daddy makes kebobs.) He’ll probably go into politics.

    Prof. is a mean and ugly bully who knows what he knows & that’s all he knows. Which is indeed a great deal, yet he seldom engages intellectually with peers, prefers intimidation to teaching, & really gets off abusing a non-STEM interlocutor before an audience of laypeople.

    I’ve known his kind.

  2. Yucki, well said. Krauss has truth on his side and could serve it better here – he needs to skewer kebab-boy, not squash him, especially faced with a hostile audience. The hostility may have turned him mean. And that glibness and smarminess – I could only take a few minutes of the tard myself.

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