“In a country where there isn’t even a word for rape…”

Afghanistan wasn’t always muslim. Not that long ago it was Jewish, Christian, Buddhist obviously as they had the famed 100′ Buddha statues that the muslims blew up and very likely Hindu. One can therefore bet that the problem with the culture there is certainly not a question of Geography. I am quite confident that these behaviors were not the norm under these other ethical and moral systems.

The way it looks after watching this video? Is that the problem is, there just aren’t enough bombs in the world.


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  1. Celebrated Buddhist monk Xuanzang traveled from China, around the Himalayas and down into India in the 7th century A.D., a pilgrimage fictionalized in the Ming dynasty ‘Journey to the West’, popular in numerous forms in the East ever since.

    Neither Xuanzang’s own ‘Great Tang Dynasty Record of the Western Regions,’ nor a biography by his disciple Hui Li, does justice to the rather remarkable intellectual motive for this arduous journey, a search for clarification of the nature of the relationship between consciousness and reality. Where you would like to have pages of dialogue you get laconic summary:

    ‘But the Master of the Law had thoroughly examined the teaching of all the schools, and answered the questions put to him by all comers, according to the several systems of doctrine: so that all present were constrained to acknowledge his superiority.

    Thus for five days the discussion continued, then the assembly dispersed.’

    This debate took place in 630 in a Buddhist temple in Kapisa Province, Afghanistan (where I see there is presently what Wikipedia calls ‘a lot of ambiguity towards foreign troops’). At the very moment these monks were furrowing their brows over what is finally knowable and ultimately real, one might imagine the pirate Mohammed ordering the assassination of a poet or grunting atop his child bride. The Islamic rape of Afghanistan began ten years later.

  2. Hindus of Afghanistan. So sad so little is left…
    “Hindus in Afghanistan

    Hinduism in Afghanistan has existed for almost as long as Hinduism itself. The religion was widespread in the region until the Islamic conquest of Afghanistan. It has been documented in recent years that thousands of Hindus live in Afghanistan, mostly in major cities such as Kabul, Kandahar, Jalalabad, and others.


    Gold coin of Vasudeva I (191–225).

    Hinduism in Afghanistan dates back to the Vedic periods when areas of the country shared a common culture with India. Along with Buddhism and Zoroastrianism, Hinduism was practiced. Afghanistan gradually converted to Islam with the advent of Islam. The Mahabharata, a sacred text amongst the Hindus, mentions about King Shakuni who was the ruler of Kandahar region in Afghanistan. The Kushanas worshipped Hindu gods as well as Buddha and local deities. Some of them like Vasudeva were named after Hindu gods and heroes….

    ….Indian analyst Rahul Banerjee said that this was not the first time that Hindus were singled out for state-sponsored oppression in Afghanistan. Violence against Hindus has caused a rapid depletion in the Hindu population over the years. Since the 1990s, many Afghan Hindus have fled the country, seeking asylum in countries such as India, Germany and United States”

    More at link http://agamahindu.com/hindus-in-afganistan/

  3. Thank you Don C, I have been slowly reading Journey and am happy to know it is based on reality. that makes the book more enjoyable.

    The entire east was a salad bowl of religions until the Moslem conquest, it is sad that the history of the religious tolerance of the East has been subverted into the intolerance of the Moslems.

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