News links for Dec 11 2013 – 2

1. USA: High powered laser pointer targeting of aircraft on the increase.

(I bet there have been arrests and I would like to see the list of names)

2. The signing for the deaf at Mandela’s funeral was as fake as Mandela himself as a symbol of peace and multiracial harmony.

3. French forces kill suspected Islamists in Mali

The French army has confirmed that it killed 19 people in a clash with suspected Islamists in Mali.

A spokesman for the operation said the dead men had been buried in the desert after a gun battle north of Timbuktu.

He added that there had been no French casualties.

4. Gulf nations to create joint military command

(Hi Sunni. I’m Home!)

5. Once again Saudi utter morons poach a bird with an Israeli wildlife monitoring electronic tag and claim it is evidence of Israel spying on them.

(Hot flash for you Saudi morons. Yes, Israel does spy on you. They do it with electronics and drones like everyone else. They don’t do it by sending random birds and turtles with chips on them and an Israeli flag showing on that bird to boot. That dear Saudi morons, is how you guys deliver the mail. Not how Israelis do surveillance.)


Thank you Richard, ML, Softly-Bob, M and all who sent in material. More to come.

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4 Replies to “News links for Dec 11 2013 – 2”

  1. #1 The names would be interesting, the way the laser was described it was more then a cheap laser pointer.

    #4 And another region is deciding they want to be the center of the new Caliphate.

  2. Pakistan mob kills one over Koran pages

    A mob killed a man and wounded three others over the alleged desecration of a Koran in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta.

    The violence started when some vendors allegedly found torn-out pages of Koran in a pomegranate crate they received in a shipment from neighbouring Iran, witnesses and officials say.

    A mob then formed, shouting slogans against Shi’ites, who form a majority in Iran.

    They destroyed shops, burnt a motorcycle and tried to march towards a Shi’ite neighbourhood in the city but were stopped by police, a senior police official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

    The crowd began shooting indiscriminately in various parts of the city, which resulted in one death and bullet wounds to three others.

    “At least one man was killed and three others were wounded in firing incidents in the city,” provincial home secretary Asad Gilani said.

    Gilani said the unrest in the city was contained after paramilitary troops were deployed in key areas, but he declined to shed light on the allegations of desecration.

    He said that nobody had come to the police to register a case under the country’s strict blasphemy law.

    In June last year a man was killed and 19 others were wounded when a mob attacked a police station demanding a man detained for allegedly desecrating the Koran be handed over.

    Pakistan is majority Sunni Muslim and its tough anti-blasphemy laws make defaming Islam or the Prophet Mohammed, or desecrating the Koran, punishable by death.

    Quetta is the capital of restive Baluchistan province which suffers regular violence from Islamist insurgents, separatist rebels and sectarian militants.

  3. Santor, they hire Europeans to use the pencils and Asians to open the doors. Though more Asians have charge of the pencils these days, which will probably end in more Europeans on door knob duty. Which seems to be where we’re headed anyhow.

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