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One Reply to “Dr. Andrew Bostom speaks to the Toronto Zionist center on the central dogma of antisemitism in Islam”

  1. Some reverts become anti-Semites after reversion, some are anti-Semites already and reversion licenses their hatred. Unlike the oppressive West, there is Freedom of Anti-Semitism in Islam.

    But they all learn the ‘Arab bluster’ trope, to be used when it serves: expressions of rabid Jew-hatred are just a puffed-up, hot-air mode of expression in Arab culture, overblown rhetoric only the uninformed take seriously. And the more educated reverts, the ones who read books, will waffle on about oral culture and Bedouins and long desert crossings on camelback and heroic poetry.

    Andrew Bostom’s research should have scotched that snake once and for all. Instead it goes on its venomous way.

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