News links for Dec 9 2013 – 1

1. islamic face covered person robs bank. Media only notices the color.

2. Saudi wife gets 80 lashes in front of university staff

Court finds woman guilty of attacking a university employee for marrying her husband. […] A Saudi woman paid a heavy price when she was lashed 80 times inside a university for assaulting an employee after discovering she became the second wife of her husband. […] At court, the judge sentenced her to one month in prison and ordered her lashed 80 times in one batch inside the university in front of all its staff members.

3. Here is a link to the video of the ‘new’ method of beheading people who are bound and blindfolded and kneeling on the ground by muslim savages in Syria. Watch at own peril.

4. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seems poised to deport up to a third of its population, which are foreign nationals. They are ramping up these deportations weekly. If they can do it for trivial reasons…

5. Aid agencies paid large to Al Shabab for meagre access to starving people under their control. (And no. Famine is not an excuse to pay the people who caused it to let you relieve it. You get rid of the people who caused it)

6. Locked up for EIGHT hours for telling Nelson Mandela joke

Mr Phillips who insisted he meant no harm, said: “It was an awful experience. I was fingerprinted, they took DNA and my computer.

(How many Nelson Mandelas does it take to kill thousands, set IED’s all over a nation, sing genocidal songs about killing all the white people and kiss Yassir Arafat right on the lips? Answer: Just one but he has to be good at fooling whitey and be a member of the communist party in good standing. Please feel free to tell your own Nelson Mandela jokes in the comments)


7. Iran says it produced laser guided ballistic missiles with increased range

8.  Now HERE is an interesting story of multicultural goodness in NYC with wildly conflicting testimony.

9. Some Norwegian Christians seem to have figured out at least who the enemy is not.

10. I’m overwhelmed by support says wife of the jailed Royal Marine… as 100,000 call for cut in his sentence

11. Additional information on the German convert to Islam who is fighting jihad in Syria (and wants to pretty much wreck life for everyone else like most religious muslims)

Thank you Snaphanen, M, Richard, ML, Dan F, UK Pete and all who sent in material. Thank you.


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  1. #1 I will bet the woman was wearing a mini skirt under the moslem garb,she ditched the Moslem disguise and walked slowly away.

    #4 Saudi has the guts to do what the west should.

    #6 Nelson Mandela was a communist terrorist, that is why he was locked up, not for protesting apartheid but for organizing murder gangs.

    #7 This isn’t beyond their capabilities#8 They nee but I doubt it has that type of accuracy.

    #8 They need better intell.

    #10 The sentence was harsh, it should be reduced to time served.

  2. Mandela walks into a jewelry store and the Clerk asks:

    Necklace for the wife sir?

    She’s an ice cold Murderer no doubt. But, No, but I’m nationalizing the diamond and gold mines. All your merchandise belongs to the people now.

    very good sir. Would sir also like the deeds to my farm and my daughter in a polygamous marriage?

  3. Iraq violence: Cafe car bomb kills 11 in central town (BBC, Dec 9, 2013)
    “A car bomb near a cafe in central Iraq has killed at least 11 people, officials say.

    More than 20 other people were injured in the attack in a Sunni Muslim area of the town of Buhriz, 60km north-east of the capital, Baghdad.

    Militants frequently target civilians in cafes, public spaces or crowded areas, such as markets and mosques.

    At least eight people were killed in four other unrelated attacks in and around the capital.

    A roadside bomb exploded near a market in Baghdad’s eastern Besmaya district, killing at least two people, officials said.

    In a village just north of Baghdad, a car bomb killed three police officers and wounded nine others.

    In the south of the capital, a roadside bomb hit a vehicle carrying Sahwa militiamen fighting al-Qaeda, killing two and injuring two others. Another blast targeted an army patrol killing one Iraqi soldier and wounding two others, reports said…”

  4. #8 you ever hear of 20 hassidic jews mobbing someone? Ever? Me neither. It would have been a pretty unforgettable local news story if it had ever happened in the past 20 years.

    The guy with 15 priors was obviously lying. Methinks the jury of his peers ended up believing what they desired to believe. Antesemitisim is rising everywhere. Not just amongst muslims.

  5. Rochdale child sex exploitation: Inquiry to begin (BBC, Dec 9, 2013)
    “An inquiry into child sexual exploitation is to be held to assess improvements in protecting youngsters since the Rochdale grooming case. Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd announced the inquiry would begin in the new year. Nine men from Rochdale and Oldham were jailed last year for running a child sexual exploitation ring. Rochdale’s Labour MP Simon Danczuk said he suspected similar abuse was still going on in the town. Eight of the men jailed last year were of Pakistani origin and one was from Afghanistan. Mr Danczuk told BBC Radio 4’s World at One some Asian communities were still “in denial about the issue”. Mr Lloyd said dozens of girls in Rochdale had been “let down” by the police and social services…”

  6. AUSTRALIA – [ Muslim ] remanded in custody over alleged assault of seven teenage girls at Sydney swimming pool

    An asylum seeker accused of indecently assaulting seven teenage girls at a Sydney pool yesterday has been remanded in custody.

    Mohammed Nazari has been charged with five counts of indecently assaulting a person under 16 and two counts of assaulting with an act of indecency.

    Police arrested him at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre after seven girls, aged between 14 and 18, reported the 33-year-old for indecently assaulting them as they swam in the rapids section of the pool.

    Officers viewed CCTV footage and took him to Auburn Police Station where he was charged.

    Nazari is in Australia on a bridging visa, having arrived in the country from Afghanistan six months ago.

    He did not apply for bail at Burwood Local Court today and was remanded in custody until the matter returns to court on Wednesday.

    Police have informed the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

  7. They might be some sort of ultra orthodox or something but it’s still New York. People don’t go berzerk over what the guy was supposed to have done. They just keep walking and try to forget it.

    There’s more to this story that neither side is saying.

    Also ““I hope you die, you son of a bitch!’’ Who talks like that?

  8. Notice the German convert has already learned to fashion his facial hair Devil-style:
    ~~You can see by my outfit that I am a cowboy. ~~
    ~~ I can see by your outfit that you’re a cowboy too. ~~
    ~~ Now if she gets an outfit…

    It’s all very sad. Good looking guy, probably loving parents. I feel sorry for them. May he die soon, so that they can have closure.
    (Same goes for any brats he sired.)

  9. #8 If they’re Hassidic Shomrim in Boro Park, they’re speaking Yiddish to each other. Any vulgarities would be in mother-tongue: theirs is Yiddish.

  10. Morocco: man arrested for raping 70 women

    Casablanca – News stories on rape in Morocco are apparently not vanishing anytime soon. According to the Moroccan daily Akhbar Al Youm in its issue of Monday, a man in his fifties was arrested, this weekend in Fez, for having allegedly raped 70 women and young girls.

    […]The first 38 victims are aged between 6 and 45 years.

  11. ‘Haunted’ dad tortures teen daughter for two months

    He shaved her head and pulled off her nails to fight jinn sent by his wife

    A Yemeni father shaved off the head of his 13-year-old daughter and pulled off her nails during a torture process that lasted nearly two months on the grounds his estranged wife was sending jinn (ghosts) through her to torment him.

    Comment :

    As a Muslim, I am well aware of the reality of Jinn and the amount of trouble they can cause. If anything, `bthis man’s wife is the one who should be arrested `for using very real and very dangerous magic against an unsuspecting victim


    Man severs daughter’s head for visiting divorced wife

    A Yemeni man used a large kitchen knife to sever his married daughter’s head after he was infuriated by her visit to his divorced wife.

    The 25-year-old daughter, who has children, has just returned from a visit to her mother in the Western Yemeni town of Taaiz when her father attacked her with the knife.

    Police said the dead girl was taken to hospital with a severed head, adding that they mounted a manhunt for the father, who fled the area.

  12. 2/ A few more details here, though who knows how reliable any of it is:

    ‘The 80 lashes punishment in Islam is used to punish a person who calls another a w**re or a s*ut. The second wife wanted to take revange and so she demanded the punishment to be carried out in the college lobby where the incident happened.The students from Rafah University witnessed the incidence and tweeted the story in twitter.’

    The knee-jerk reaction of Western men (not so much Western women these days, it seems) to news a Saudi woman has been lashed is outrage, understandably. Saudi men are animals Saudi women need saving from.

    Here are a few questions the rescue party could ask the Saudi woman while they are spiriting her away to lifelong happiness in Kafiristan:

    Did she remember to scald her Filipina maid today? Or stick her with pins, or push her off the third-floor balcony, or at least give her a good thrashing? Because one doesn’t want one’s Filipina getting uppity.

    How’s that black African slave doing? The one she had her brothers hang upside down and lash because she seduced her husband into raping her?

    What, in her view, is the appropriate punishment for ‘a wh**re or a s*ut?’

    What is the comparative human worth of kafir and Muslim men?

    Is or is not the Koran the uncreated word of Allah?

  13. The fact is, Apartheid South Africa did not offer opportunities for people based upon their ethnicity and skin color.

    This openly negative-discrimination, (that Whites from other countries came and enjoyed), when protested peacefully against, brought beatings, imprisonment and killings by the government.

    Mandela led an ANC armed-wing struggle that intended to destroy the infrastructure that supported the economy of the regime. Those in that armed wing, when Mandela was in prison, also targeted civilians. He had declared at the time he did not want to kill people.

    It will be the same for those who attack an openly positive-discrimination regime. Peaceful protest will be met by beatings, imprisonment and killings. Then an armed wing will form just to destroy the infrastructures that support the politicians salaries.

    Every person has to look to their children and see they are protected from slavery and oppression that they will not be identified by their skin, race, gender, or ethnicity. Theses are freedoms from political interference worth fighting for.

    So, if Mandela never set out to kill but protect, then he should be worn on every T Shirt so that the Communists, Islamist and Socialists tremble that here was a good man that did not do nothing.

    That he allowed bad men to take over the ANC, is a legacy of every political party. Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Regan were surrounded by the cesspit of humanity which made them shine as beacons.

    So to the joke about Mandela shared here:

    “Mandela walks into a jewelry store and the Clerk asks:

    Necklace for the wife sir?

    She’s an ice cold Murderer no doubt. But, No, but I’m nationalizing the diamond and gold mines. All your merchandise belongs to the people now.

    very good sir. Would sir also like the deeds to my farm and my daughter in a polygamous marriage?”

    Mandela walks into jewelry store and David Cameron says:

    “The man in the burka over there is holding up the store and asking ‘what is the name of Aisha’s mother’ and will let us out if we know”

    Mandela said he knows, as his polygamous culture made a point of knowing the matriarchal bloodlines.

    David, in a sweat says “what is it!”


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