The Migratory Patterns of Mujahideen

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Gates of Vienna

Whenever I write about culturally enriched Europeans who travel to Syria to join the jihad, I generally refer to them (using quotation marks) as “Britons”, “Swedes”, “Danes”, “Germans”, etc., to emphasize the spuriousness of their designated ethnicity.

However, the mujahid pictured above and described below really is a German. Or was until recently, when he became a Soldier of Allah.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article that was published on December 1 by Die Welt:

An Al Qaeda Fanatic

“My Name Is Abu Osama. I Am From Germany”

by Florian Flade

For the first time, there is evidence of a German advertising for Al Qaeda terrorists. In a video, “Abu Osama” calls Muslims to the battle against Syria’s Assad regime, and to a martyr’s death.

It was only a question of time before a video like this turned up. A German Islamist calls on his co-religionists to come to Syria and become part of the so-called Holy War. The man calls himself “Abu Osama” and is a convert to Islam. He is sitting with his Kalashnikov in front of the ruins of a house somewhere in Syria and touting the fight against Assad and a martyr’s death for Al Qaeda.

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4 Replies to “The Migratory Patterns of Mujahideen”

  1. Aid agencies ‘paid Somalia’s al-Shabab’ during famine (BBC, Dec 9, 2013)
    “Humanitarian agencies paid Somalia’s al-Shabab militants for access to areas under their control in the 2011 famine, according to a joint report by two think tanks. In many cases al-Shabab insisted on distributing the aid and kept much of it for itself, the report says. Some of the groups are still paying al-Shabab to operate in the large parts of Somalia it still holds, it adds. More than 250,000 people died during the 2011 famine…”

  2. Richard, you can say that again: Torquemada was a convert.

    There’s clip & article about a case in New York this July.

    “The NYPD has long had an interest in converts to Islam as part of its efforts to prevent terrorist attacks, saying in a 2007 report that they are “particularly vulnerable” to radicalization and “have played a prominent role in the majority of terrorist case studies and tend to be the most zealous members of groups.”
    ?Around 2008, the police department stepped up efforts to monitor converts. The department began to look at people who changed their names to ones that sounded Arabic or who came to the US from Muslim countries, according to police documents obtained by the AP. The program was supposed to be part of the search for homegrown terrorists, even though it involved monitoring behavior protected by the First Amendment.”

    That pesky First Amendment foolishness!

  3. The 1st Amendment does not protect threats of death, nor does it protect the machinations of terrorism and crime generally.
    If anything, the 1st Amendment allows the individual freedom of worship, it does not allow freedom for religious institutions. The secular law binds them, regardless of their self-righteous pretensions.

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