A man in the UK speaks his mind about islam. Expect some prison time.

This story I think will be revealing of the new Kafka’esque UK than most similar stories in the past. In this video below, we do not know what his provocation was. All we know is, he had negative things to say about islam and affirmed his own Christian membership. For this, he is wanted by police, presumably for ‘racism’. What happens to him should be a klaxon to all free minded people in the UK. Is the government there your representative or your overt enemy, seeking to divide and conquer you on ideological grounds.

This bears close scrutiny.

News link to story on this here.

Police are appealing for information about a racist tirade that was unleashed on a route 104 bus between Stratford and Manor Park Station.

A man was filmed by a member of the public making a string of offensive comments about Islam.

Thank you Golem Bar for this story. Thanks to an indigenous British person, I was able to subtitle this video for clarity.

For reasons I do not understand, my editor insists on doubling the last 2 segments of this video. Once you get to the end of the first CFTCJ you can close it. I have no idea why it did it or continues to do it.

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12 Replies to “A man in the UK speaks his mind about islam. Expect some prison time.”

  1. So, there’s actually a manhunt out for this guy? Is this how it’s going to be? Are the ever-present cameras going to insure that we get hauled into court every time we give a dirty look or utter a harsh word after having a few-too-many at the local pub? If there had been a cop on the bus, he could have told the guy to can it, but that’s about as far as this should go. There is no way they should be presuming to micro-manage people’s lives like this. We’re entering terrifying territory here, folks. There’s stuff here that George Orwell never even dreamed of.

  2. Britain is rapidly becoming Orwell’s 1984 which is a real shame since Britain was the mother of all of the nations that use to lead the world in freedom. With luck the entire west will regain their freedom.

  3. When I went back to bury my dear old Mum in 2010, I had a conversation with my brother (who still lives there) about immigration and cultural differences, while having a pint in pub beer garden.
    I couldn’t believe, nor will I ever forget, the tangible distress and paranoia on his face for fear of somebody overhearing us. He was shushing me and saying “keep it down” while darting his head around in a very nervous manner. Fortunately, conversations like this are commonplace (read: “allowed so far”) in Canada, often with complete strangers chiming in to express their views. My brother was scared out of his bloody mind. I resolved right then and there never to return to that sorry place, except for his funeral, should I outlive him.
    Will Canada watch and learn from the U.K. experience?

  4. Eeyore your probably right. Most people just don’t start blathering at nothing.
    Blind druid the plumber I work with is exactly the same when we are outside talking. I am not being offensive just talking on topic and he keeps going shhh shhhh! I do not care anymore. Unlike the man on the bus what I say is said in a well mannered way.
    Everything he said was true but he was a bit crass in his verbal execution.

  5. The Orwellian state is alive and well in the UK. Soon the ‘Thought Police” will skip the ‘cumbersome’ legal process and send the offenders directly to a government reeducation facility.

  6. We must also be aware that the lackeys, lapdogs, and sycophants of Islam in the UN are pushing forward draconian anti blasphemy laws, and influencing national governments to do the same.

  7. What might be the effect of 1000 or so infidels organizing themselves to tell some truths about Islam on public transit all at the same time on the same day? If they did it in a civil manner, stuck to the script, put the videos up on the web, maybe made it a regular event? Or is it too dangerous, would people get hurt.

  8. Its a brilliant idea. Even leaving polite, well worded pamphlets on buses about the true nature of islam and the pirate Mohamed would be a good idea.

  9. Eeyore pamphlets are often the first thing a resistance group does, the distribute them by leaving them in buses, cabs and on benches in any location a lot of people use. If they are careful the police will have a hard time catching them.

    I would suggest that anyone thinking of doing something like this read up on resistance groups, activities of resistance groups and to purchase a printer that they don’t register so there is no way easily trace the pamphleteers.

    You can also post the pamphlets on local bulletin boards when no one is watching.

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