News links for Nov 25 2013 – 2

1. News footage of today’s attack in Benghazi.

2. Afghanistan considers reviving Taliban’s punishment of stoning for adulterers, 12 years after toppling the religious regime

3. UK: Town youngsters learn about different religions around the world

FAITH WEEK: Pupils at Millfields First School have been learning around religions around the world. Ref:s
(For anyone wishing to actually know how Earth’s climate is caused to often cool and warm, watch the documentary, The Cloud Mystery. The sun has about a trillion times more impact on us than a 1 part per billion rise in atmospheric CO2)
(One can’t help but notice that Israel along with Japan, China, many African nations and tribes and most islamic countries seem to have little trouble drafting and enacting laws and rules that protect their “national character”, also known as culture or laws. Maybe we should, in the spirit of multiculturalism, adopt some of these nations’ customs? Like self preservation for example?)


Thank you M, Richard, Fjordman, UK Pete and all. More to come today.

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  1. 3/
    So children have been learning about different religions have they? I wonder what they learned about Islam.
    Did they learn that Muslims like to beat their wives and honour kill their daughters? Did they learn that the founder of Islam was a murdering, thieving rapist who liked to molest children? Did they learn that Muslims are told that lying to and stealing from non-Muslims is okay? Did they learn that Muslims are meant to kill or enslave non-Muslims if given half-the-chance?
    I bet not. Well, it just goes to show how education standards have fallen.

  2. Now it all makes sense!

    Report: Militant group says Tiananmen attack in China was ‘jihadi operation’ (CNN, Nov 25, 2013)
    “A murky Islamic militant group has described a deadly attack in China’s Tiananmen Square last month as a “jihadi operation” and warned of more violence to come, according to an organization that monitors extremist websites. In a speech posted online, Abdullah Mansour, the leader of the Turkestan Islamic Party (T.I.P.), said those who carried out the attack in the heavily policed center of Beijing were “mujahideen,” the SITE Intelligence Group said in a report late last week…”

  3. The palestinians have been complaining about Egypt’s destruction of the tunnels from Gaza Strip.
    Cos they lost a lot of money smuggling Africans into Israel….

  4. #5 – If only – Israel has plenty of trouble, they’ve been working on this for years.
    Take a look at “Haaretz” (but not on a full stomach), creatures like Tipi Livni,

    That was Gulf-News: “See, even the _Israelis_ have more sense than we do!”

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