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4 Replies to “Michael Stürzenberger of Germany’s Freedom Party quotes leading muslims in the public square”

  1. Someone at Gates of Vienna asked what this was all about. So I answered, somewhat shambolically like so: (I post it here too, not because I think it’s good or even complete, but perhaps some visitors have not heard of Michael Stürzenberger yet either, and I am soooo proud to find such a courageous compatriot who gives me back some faith in my old country):
    Michael Stürzenberger, head of the Bavarian branch of ‘Die Freiheit’ (alluded to in this article by the Baron) in this ongoing action, is collecting signatures for a citizens initiative. He needs 36,000 or so (and they must all be taxpaying residents of Munich), in order to get a Referendum on the way. The “Authorities” of Munich have connived for over 5 years – behind the back of the people, with a Muslim Brotherhood “envoy” (a local Imam), financed by Saudi Arabia, to build the “biggest mosque and islamic cultural centre of Europe” next to the “Stachus” – in the heart of Munich.

    The minarets with a height of over 60 m. will tower over any cathedral etc. etc.

    Every Wednesday and Saturday, Michael Stuerzenberger goes around Munich’s different public spaces, to inform the people and to collect signatures.

    He does this against a concerted effort to prevent him doing this, from the corrupt Mayor of Munich, the Greens, the Left, the muslims etc.

    For example: Meeting in a pub is at the core of Bavarian culture: yet all Munich pub-owners have been blackmailed into refusing entry to Michael Stürzenberger and his party members from “Die Freiheit”.

    another example: His speeches were “verboten” under the pretext that they exceeded some noise decibels (as you can see I am not from the scientific side of the bed) – but I know that listening to this video above, that the noise levels of his detractors easily drowned him out.

    Last week, he was attacked physically, his glasses broken: http://littlenotesfromparis.blogspot.com.au/search?q=Munich

    He has, of course, many death threats against him – and I am shocked at my own nonchalence with which I say “of course” – we seem to be already half-cooked as the frog in the (non-scientific) story one often hears.

    I admire him and fear for his safety because he not only is the target of muslims, but also the subject of an enormous defamation and vilification campaign by the politicians, media and assorted direct emulators of Schickelgruber’s mob.

    I apologise for the probably rather shambolic answer (time restraints) and am sure we will hear more on this.

    You will be able to gather more informations via “Politically Incorrect” (in German) http://www.pi-news.net

  2. Good presentation, admirable self-restraint and very courageous.

    I’m not sure what the right approach to talking to and about Muslim women is. It seems to me that you weaken your own case by telling them they are oppressed or are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. They just mock you and urge their men to throw bigger rocks.

    Thanks for translating these and getting them out there for us non-German speakers.

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