News links for Nov 8 2013 – 1

1. In case any of you think that Nazism or similar movements are a hope against invading Islam, have a look at this. Clearly modern Nazi movements are exactly like 1940s Nazi movements and are staunch allies with muslims and islamic ideology.

Leader of Hungarian far-right party Jobbik declares “Islam is the last hope of humanity”

2. Since the most massive people’s revolution in the history of man, the recent Egyptian protests of over 30M people to get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ikhwan has returned to deception to regain popularity by playing the victim. In this case, they are holding a demonstration pretending to be for ‘women’s rights’. Article here

3. Syrian refugees stage hunger strike in Lampedusa.

4. Muslim brotherhood supporters do weird mocking dance in support of Morsi etc.

(It is Friday, which means the mosques preach more hatred and violence and islamic supremacy than even usual, and the Morsi trial has ended its first full week)

5. Israeli PM “This is a very very bad deal” Article here

6. Burka fugitive is suing UK for £1m: Just SICKENING! MI6 chief’s verdict as judge rules terror suspect can use legal aid to make his claim 

Thank you Fjordman, M, Oz-Rita and everyone.

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  1. US offers short-term nuclear deal allowing Iran to continue enriching uranium

    America has proposed a short-term nuclear agreement with Iran at a meeting in Geneva which would allow Tehran to continue enriching uranium at low levels, according to an aide briefed on the talks.

    […]Western diplomats and US officials have refused to disclose any details of a “first step agreement”. But a Senate aide, citing briefings from the White House, the State Department and sources in Geneva, said he understood that it would include four key points.

    […]In return, American would ease economic sanctions, possibly by releasing some Iranian foreign exchange reserves currently held in frozen accounts. In addition, some restrictions affecting Iran’s petrochemical, motor and precious metals industries could be relaxed.

    on this page :

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