News links for Nov 7 2013 – 4

1. Father faces jail if girl in arranged marriage case not returned from Egypt

The parents and the girl’s sister solemnly swore to the court on the Koran, shortly after contempt proceedings were brought, that no harm would come to the girl from them, any family member or anyone else, the judge noted.

Soon afterwards, the HSE received a letter from the solicitors for the parents and the girl’s fiance stating she had gone to Egypt […]

2. Is the Muslim Brotherhood a threat to US national security?

3. Apparently, mocking Osama Bin Laden at a university costume event is offensive to regular muslims.

(So, which is it? Osama is a terrorist and has nothing to do with the real Islam? Or he is a venerable person in the islamic pantheon of mass murdering psychopaths? I think we all know the answer) More here

4. muslim invaders to Syria behead a Syrian citizen (video)

5. SPIES UNCOVERED: 34 terrorist plots against UK thwarted since 7/7 bombings, says MI5 head

(Whack-a-Mole. The game you can only lose)

6. Quebec’s proposed partial ban on religious symbols in the public workspace gets first reading today.

Thanks M, Fjordman, and all. I know there is still lots and lots more to post. Not only has the frequency of muslim V civilization news increased in the past year or so, but the severity as well, leading to the point where some things which would have been front page for days and the subject of TV and radio chat shows for months is now barely even news at all. On the one hand, I find more and more people get it than 2 years ago, and also more and more people are talking with slightly louder voices, but still, most are smothering themselves in the soporific stench of their own sanctimony, defending Islam as just misunderstood.

At least even those are making finer distinctions than they did a few years ago. That is something indeed.


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  1. 3/ Yep, an insult to Osama is an affront to Muslims everywhere. Sound the alarms and convene those emergency admin meetings, don’t want to lose the Gulf funding and those foreign student fees.

  2. Eeyore I am self employed and work in different people’s houses day in day out.It is changing !
    More and more they bring the conversion round to our little problem. Watching Question Time last night the liberal arguements of men like Benjamin Zephania are getting weaker and frankly more pathetic. Nigel Farage still will not go the Tommy Robinson route on Islam but the majority of people in the audience respond more to his words on the burka and immigration than the mealy mouthed politicians and lefties.
    A vote for UKIP at the next general election will let labour and Milliband in which is fine by me .I will still vote UKIP. 5 more years of Labours drivel will definitely swing the country towards UKIP further or even more common sense at least. If it doesn’t we are doomed.

  3. EGYPT- Morsi supporters demonstrate in ‘defence of women’

    Morsi supporters kick off protests in several governorates on Friday decrying ‘police brutality against women’

    Thousands of supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi protested in provinces across Egypt after Friday prayers under the slogan “Egypt’s women are a red line.”

  4. It’s strange, isn’t it, Richard, that we can both know that the Muslim Brotherhood are the enemy, and yet they seem to be the favored ones with the US Government at the moment. Things have gone right off the rails into Crazy Land. How could Hillary Clinton have picked a Brotherhood-connected person as her personal assistant and chief of staff? Why won’t Obama answer when asked why he didn’t personally send in the bloody cavalry when al-Qaeda attacked the embassy – like an American would do? I don’t even pretend to understand anymore; it makes no sense whatsoever…

  5. You suspect the unthinkable, Chris. The questions you pose, your anguished doubts, they’re mine too.

    Can we have been betrayed?

    My family’s blood was poured into creating, protecting, & defending this “last best hope of man on earth.” Not cliches, blood.

    Takuan Seiyo’s response to a world gone mad keeps echoing in my head. It’s his sparsely worded profile: “living in exile in Japan.

  6. Richard and Chris

    Its this strange Alice in Wonderland war that has been going for over a decade that made me think that there is more to it then meets the eye.

    I believe that once our troops are out of Afghanistan, things will change dramatically on the home front. One can already see the signs.

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