More Canadian schools sacrifice Christmas and Halloween to be more diverse

Apparently diversity means to do nothing different or variate anything ever.

Check this article out though, especially the paragraph on ‘shirk’, a major crime in Islam where anything other than Mohamed is equated with his imaginary friend, ‘Allah’. I think a solid understanding of this concept might help to explain many changes we see in important Western cultural and legal institutions.


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From The National Post.

Hastings School in Winnipeg
Google MapsHastings School in Winnipeg

  • WINNIPEG — Some parents are upset at the decision by a Winnipeg school to cancel Halloween.

They’re also annoyed the annual Winter Concert has been replaced by an evening of African drumming.

Hastings School offers classes to children from Grade 1 to Grade 8.

Parent Stephen Meleck says he’s “pretty worked up” while parent Diane Traverse says it’s taking Halloween and Christmas away from the children.

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4 Replies to “More Canadian schools sacrifice Christmas and Halloween to be more diverse”

  1. Happy entanglement, Germany!

    German ’embassy guard shot dead’ in Yemen (BBC, Oct 6, 2013)
    “A German embassy employee in Yemen has been shot dead, reports say.

    The attack took place outside a supermarket in the capital’s Hadda district, where the German and other foreign embassies are located.

    The victim – reported to be a bodyguard of Ambassador Carola Mueller-Holtkemper – has not been named. German officials say they are checking the reports.

    Yemen is struggling to control general lawlessness, an al-Qaeda insurgency, and divisions within the army.

    Initial reports suggested that the attack was a failed kidnapping attempt of Germany’s ambassador….”

  2. “Virtually all Halloween traditions are based either in ancient pagan culture, or in Christianity. From an Islamic point of view, they all are forms of idolatry (shirk).” – about .com

    Well la-de-da!

    So Halloween is based on ancient pagan culture. Some Christan congregations also avoid Halloween. They are screwed a little too tight.

    I do not know of a Christian component of Halloween, but consider the writer of the piece.

    This Muslim guy is screwed a little too tight also. When their are Halloween festivities, it is an excuse to party and to have fun. there is no praying, beseeching or asking any higher power by most people.

  3. Just a thought here, but if anyone is planning to go out for Halloween, why not wrap up in a bed sheet for the body and a pillow case for the head and wear a name tag saying:

    Hello I’m
    Obama Bed Linen

  4. Don’t let them take it away from the Schools, not even for a Year, they can have their Drum sessions out side on a different night, the problem would be re-claiming it next Year, as they would object to having it re-installed.

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