News links for Oct. 6 2013 – 1

1. More lethal riots in Egypt, latest death count at 28

In the second video, a man with an automatic pistol seems to be firing nearly randomly in the street. “Oh those Christians with their bibles and their guns”, ay Obama?

2. Tripoli protests US ‘kidnap’ of Libyan in Qaeda raid

Libya said it had demanded an explanation from Washington Sunday for the “kidnap” of a citizen in an unauthorised commando raid on its territory that netted a top Al-Qaeda suspect.

3. Shabnam sends this photo, alleged to be a very recent one of a ‘man on the street’ protest against Obama. Apparently the outreach program is going swimmingly.

993715_10153397032475160_350805083_n 4. German ’embassy guard shot dead’ in Yemen

5. Swedish politician dies from attack he suffered in a racial hate crime against White Swedes. Original and Google translation.

6. Catholic priests in military face arrest for celebrating Mass 

At least one chaplain was told that if he engaged in any ministry activity, he would be subjected to disciplinary action.

(It seems Obama has learned some tricks from the CBC. Typically when they face a budget cut of any size or kind and for any reason, they chop the one thing they have which people actually like, such as Hockey Night in Canada etc. while leaving the grotesque inefficiencies and partizan junkets alone in order to make the public squawk.)

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  1. #4 Al Qaeda had been rocked back on its’ heels last year. They are spring back quite quickly after they were ousted from the souther part of Abyan province.

    I guess the law enforcement, spec ops, cruise missile & predator approach is not working.

    Well, DUH! Infantry is the queen of battle. You don’t own anything unless you occupy it.
    I am not saying occupy in terms of taking it over and making it a colony or anything like that. I am saying occupy t defeat the enemy and reforming the government like in Germany, Japan or Iraq. We pulled out of Iraq and before we actually did we signaled that we were going to turn tail and run.

    If we had pulled out of West Germany after 8 years in 1953 and had signaled our intention to run in 1951, the Soviets would have been all over West Germany like stink on sh/t. West German politicians would have been hemming & hawing. The socialists would have been emboldened. In 1953 the Soviets would not have sent tanks. They would let their 5th columnist take care of business and after 2 or 3 elections cycles or faster we would have had an anti-American government.

    There is too much of an normalcy bias. Why the idiot diplomats are in Yemen is beyond me. I guess they want to feather their nest with the paycheck the esteem with being called diplomat. If you look at the territory control or contested by the Al Houthi rebels and by Al Qaeda, there is not much government control.

    If these idiot diplomats used the same rose tined glasses vie of the world to manufacturing a company would never fulfill their orders. But they would still keep promising and collecting their paycheck until the company went bankrupt.

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