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2 Replies to “Oct 6 2013 Islamic history month fact-of-the-day in support of the Ottawa Police initiative”

  1. 911 1683 was actually a good day for counterjihad. The Muslims suffered a humiliating defeat at Vienna and were never as powerful again until possibly 911 2001.
    The period from 1924 to 1979 was the biggest lull in Muslim power, so much so, that the World had forgotten what jihad was (some idiots today still don’t know what it is) and apart from sporadic outbursts in the Middle East especially aimed at Israel, human beings were relatively safe from Muslim aggression.
    In the early 1920s, the Ottoman Empire was disbanded and the Caliphate too. This was the most embarrassing era in history for Muslims. Never since Mohammed’s raids had Islam been so pathetic and weak. We should have destroyed it then when we had the chance. It would have been relatively easy to neutralise Mecca by dismantling the Kaaba, destroying the Black Stone, and converting all the mosques in Mecca and Medina to churches or synagogues. That would have been the death blow for Islam.
    Instead however, we did nothing and thanks to oil revenue and mass immigration to the West, Islam started to recover. The turning point came in 1979 when the Ayatollah Khomeini rose to power in the aftermath of the Iranian revolution.
    Let’s not make the same mistake again. If we ever manage to get the upper-hand again and send all Muslims packing, then let’s make sure we cut the head off the snake as well. We can’t afford to sit around for a few more decades or even centuries waiting for them to attack us again.

  2. Try to remember socialists react to feelings or reactionary in their thought process.

    Meaning a time will come when their feelings toward Islam makes 180 deg turn also never forget they will fight us never the less.

    Just look at how the European wars went

    Not sure how the the left pinned the term reactionary on conservative when it certainly is not.

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