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7 Replies to “OK. Fit me for a tin foil hat please. Because sometimes there really are ‘rays’”

  1. Richard.. There are no facts to back this information up. Why Obama is attempting to hide information makes for anything is to be possible in my opinion. Most people seem to be choosing the best possible reason why Obama would cover this information up. Personally my answer is, “I don’t know but we should”

    Don’t forget about the seal team that seems to have been intentionally eliminated.

    What else do you expect from a man that never has proven to be an American citizen that is now in the presidential office? Remember it took governors executive orders to get him on the ballot because he was turned down to be on the ballot in his ‘home state’ twice.

    This information has been proven. The supreme court can not take case because he is only braking house/Senate rules no laws at the federal level. There is no official law on the books to check citizenship at the federal level only the states. It is in the constitution but not in US code which is the actual law. Not even Arizona state Senate has enough balls to open a formal investigation.

    When the States run in fear you know we got a bigger problem then Obama setting up diplomatic executions, military executions or fake citizenship.

    I am sorry, when we have complete lawlessness at the top levels it is only a matter of time….
    I am afraid the US is coasting to its end

  2. You don’t need a tin foil hat. It is all Muslim info, therefore, lies. They specialize in lies people want to believe. All muslims, everywhere, all the time.

  3. Isnt denying someone asylum (or choosing not to accept someone into your family) a human right too?

    United Nations: Australia must release 46 detained refugees (BBC, Aug 22, 2013)
    “A United Nations watchdog group says Australia has treated 46 detained refugees in an “inhuman” way and should release them.

    The refugees were denied visas and kept in detention centres for more than two years, the UN report said.

    The decision comes amid an Australian election campaign in which rival parties debate how to curb an influx of asylum-seekers.

    The government says the refugees were considered potential security threats….”

  4. It’s all ‘Arab newspapers say’ etc. therefore bullsh*t. These are the same media outlets that breathlessly report on Israeli spy vultures and remote control sharks sent by The Evil Jooz to disrupt Egyptian resort trade. Watch any clips of ‘the man in the Arab street’ being interviewed, and they will spout the most ridiculous conspiracy theories you’ve ever heard. They make Alex Jones seem rational.

    In short, nonsense.

  5. Ox AO I didn’t say it was true just that it was being reported, it probably is a lie like Bl@ckbird says but it this is spreading around the middle east we need to know about it.

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