Links and news for Aug 23 2013 – 1

1.July 3 2013: Muslim group takes ‘credit’ for Arizona wildfires. 

2. ‘million muslim march’ planned for 911 linked to islamic ‘radicals’

3. The daily laugh. Al Jazeera shows video of injured pro-Morsi protestor making miraculous recovery when ‘doctor’ touches him the wrong way.

4. Expert casts doubt on Syria chemical weapons footage

5. Feminist ‘Hijab Solidarity’? Bruce Bawer

Sweden has the highest percentage of rapes in the Western world. And the problem is getting steadily worse. […] everyone understands that the ever-increasing incidence of Swedish rapes is directly related to the ever-increasing number of Swedish Muslims. And in Sweden, you can’t talk critically about Islam. You just can’t – not publicly,

6. No more Christmas? Berlin tries neutrality

It seems that some in Berlin’s more alternative district have chosen to refer to the Weihnachtsmärkte (Christmas markets) taking place in the neighborhood under the more neutral and non-religious term Winterfest (winter festival).

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  1. Palestinians are past masters in fake journalism. The BBC and the rest of the MSM have been falling for decades.. Now the technique is being used by others.

  2. 6/ Berlin has always been the city of suckers. They pandered to Hitler in the same way, and now it looks as if they are pandering to Christmas-haters.

  3. RE; # 1 , No surprise here the continuing drought is a ready made situation for these inbred mutants to attack the ‘unholy’ and ‘unclean’ Infidel. Of course the MSM (i.e. the government media complex) who BTW can’t seem to identify or name the enemy, will do little to cover all aspects of this rash of wildfires. Don’t waste your time looking for good investigative reporting.

  4. Car bombs kill 30, wound 400 at n. Lebanon mosques

    Read more:
    (The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

    TRIPOLI, Lebanon: Two car bombs outside mosques in the north Lebanese city of Tripoli following Friday prayers killed at least 30 people and wounded more than 400, security sources said, as the country’s caretaker defense minister warned of a ‘terrorist scheme’ aimed at further violence.

    The two afternoon blasts, one outside the Taqwa Mosque that was soon followed by another outside the Salam Mosque as hundreds of worshipers finished Friday prayers, highlighted the deteriorating security situation in Tripoli, the scene of repeated bouts of clashes linked to the war in Syria.

  5. #1 I think we all knew some of the fires were set by terrorists.

    #6 The Germans are giving up part of their heritage, in a failed attempt to make friends with the Moslems they are making all others suffer.

  6. #6

    After WW2 some German soldiers of the Afrikan Korps invited some Imans from Egypt to set up in Munich, Bavaria.

    People fight if they must. WW2 was a WW1 grudge match. WW1 itself did not need to be fought. After Hitler went about suborning some Christian clergy men (some not all), cowing others and killing some like Bonhoeffer, some soldiers had no faith in European institutions civil or religious. The Roman Catholic Church actually did a great deal to save Jews in Italy. Of course it was not widely known at the time. At any rate these soldiers saw or though they saw all institutions toern down s they sought something else.

    Today the left wants to tear down the church and replace it with themselves. It never occurs to them that the 3td party, the Muslims, they work with would replace them also or try to do so.

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