Quebec takes the gutless, ‘kindergarten’ approach to Islam and the West

Quebec seems to be following France’s policies on dealing with the conspicuous uniform of Islamic manifest destiny now more and more common on Western streets. And while I applaud pretty much any effort that our politically-correct and neutered ‘representatives’ make at fighting the values of islam and sharia norms that increasingly are replacing hard-won freedoms, some of them are downright stupid, childish and perhaps worse, actually as anathema to a free and democratic society as islam itself.

Here are three articles from todays papers courtesy of Grace.

1. The SUN: Quebec’s proposed ban of religious symbols in public buildings provokes defiant reaction

2. National Post: ‘Like Putin’s Russia’: Parti Quebecois’ ‘unthinkable plan’ to ban religious symbols in public sector

3. Dan Delmar: PQ leaders know their secularism plan is illegal. They just don’t care


A blanket ban on all religious symbols is a lot like dealing with motorcycle noise by banning all musical instruments. Or trying to get rid of elderly people by closing all the Swiss Chalet’s. Think of it this way. If it was 1938 and lots of people started realizing that Nazis are a huge freaking problem and if not dealt with could result in millions of deaths and trillions in damage and so authorities decided to ban all political symbols thinking the problem of course, is politics. The problem was not politics or political parties, it was just one of them.

Like France, this half measure is an attempt to solve a problem without naming it. Fear of admitting that Islam is the problem and dealing head on with it has led several states now to actually interfere with good people’s genuine rights who at worst are no threat to the state and at best are massively net contributors to it in many ways. Like the Kindergarten teacher who punishes all the children because one of them was chewing gum in class, governments are now going to punish members of religious groups who have never meant the state or its citizens any harm, just to deal with an aggressive and dangerous Islam. And does anyone think that after the riots that ensued after muslim women were asked to comply with the laws in France that any cop will enforce them? How about Australia after the Carnita Mathews debacle?

How this will end up is extremely predictable. Everyone who has tried this blanket solution ends up with the same result. You anger and disappoint all sorts of great people and then muslims find some sort of work around so they end up being the only ones who actually do get to display their symbols. This happened in Belgium when the state banned conspicuous religious gear in government buildings and at the end of the day it was decided that it was discriminatory to Muslims because it meant they could no longer work in them so they made an exception to the law that was created to deal with them.

A case could be made that the exact same thing happened at airports world wide, all because no one has the raw guts to come out and talk about the problem. And it isn’t religion. It is Islam. And one doesn’t even have to ban that. Just stop making exceptions for Muslims with respect to common, already existing laws. No covering your face for example or wearing a disguise in public. This means you Aisha. No public speaking about killing members of an identifiable group. This means you imam and your constant calls to genocide for Jews and homosexuals etc. We don’t need new laws to start to deal with this problem we just need to stop making exceptions for existing ones to suit muslims.

This Quebec plan will backfire mark my words. There will be just as many burkas and face covered haters of us all in important government positions displaying their contempt for us all openly, but all the people who actually generate wealth and build things and cooperate with us all to make life good will have to make difficult choices.

It will be good for Ontario though. I welcome all the Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and so on who will be flooding this way in the near future.

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6 Replies to “Quebec takes the gutless, ‘kindergarten’ approach to Islam and the West”

  1. If you feel I’m trolling Eeyor, I’ll take a break.

    This blanket ban of religious symbols is so ridiculous, or would be, if you could not see that the Government now sees the country as a giant workplace. And in this workplace there are rules. They do not see it as a free society. That’s what Socialism is. It’s a religion. It’s jihad is Communism.

    As it is so relatively new, we don’t get that many splinters, but there’s Russian Communism, Chinese Communism, Cuban Communism, and they will one day go to war with each other as Jews did, then Christians and then Muslims between themselves until neutered into idealists and everyone gets back on with their lives. However, this last generation witnessed hundreds of millions being killed by Democide; and with the current crop of bisexuals for Free World Leaders (with Muslims and Communists directly tapping into their undefended psychis), the populations are not in their frame.

    The live show today, is Western International Socialism vs Arab National Socialism.

    In 1939 Stalin made an uneasy pact with Hitler and carved up Eastern Europe, the Communists with Islam may carve up the Socialist West and create mini Pakistans in each country.

    International Socialism says ‘one baby kidnapped, all are potential baby-kidnappers’. Then sets up a monitoring agency of a database that everyone to prove annually they are not criminals, and pay for the privilege. A Society of humiliation, and mistrust. And very easy to forge a person’s record into a criminal to explain why they were whisked away in the night never to return.

    Therefore if one ‘religion’ play up, they all fess up. If you belong to a religious group you will be forced to declare it and then pay for a background check. The RRB, the Religious Records Bureau check which after a few years merges into the Disclosure and Barring Service that only recognized State Approved Religions may be joined if you want to be employed.

    You will be forced to love Allah with all your heart mind and soul,or, love your neighbor with your wallet. You wont be allowed to do both.

    If there were a Devil, he would be king of both Houses.

    As there is not, we only have psychopaths and sociopaths who point guns at people’s families who point guns at other people’s families until they come for you.

    I wont ask who wants to heal the sick because under constant and repetitive intimidation they’ve all seen the light and been Born Again into one camp or the other.

    Someone turn off the light in Canada.

  2. At a daycare centre near Montreal, close to half of the centre’s 15 workers wear a hijab. They said they will defy any future hijab ban.

    “When I came to Quebec, 10 years ago, I thought I was settling in a free country,” Zakia Maali said. “I feel like the government is telling to stop everything I am doing and return home.”

    Unintended consequences.

  3. How this will end is indeed extremely predictable. When there’s no one left to raise the money from to support the parasite hordes, all will collapse, and the west too will look like the devil’s playground. Look at the middle east today and you’ll see Europe a couple of decades from now.

  4. Fred the day of collapse is closer then most people think, eventually the socialist governments are going to run out of other peoples money and the public will start refusing the printing press money. A collapse is coming to the entire world and it will make the Great Depression look small.

  5. Its not just running out of other peoples money. Its what we is being devalued by creating money out of thin air, aka QE.

    Such blatant debasing the labour of the people, while rewarding the fraudsters, is going to end in tears.

  6. DP the entire world is going to limp (economically) for most of this century trying to dig out of the hole the left has spent us into. About the only bright spot in this affair is that the emerging tech revolution will hopefully make it easier for small companies and individuals to provide goods for their towns and neighborhoods.

    The tech I am talking about is the 3D printers and the small computer controlled milling machines.

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