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10 Replies to “Obama’s middle East Meltdown”

  1. Great, huge article, Ezra! They would be giving you honorary degrees by the truckload it there was any justice in this world. I think your thesis is correct and that Mr. al-Hussein’s foreign policy has been as instrumental in the recent disintegration of the Middle East as you say.

  2. Saudi Arabia, a mosque with gas pumps manned by slaves. Sums it up nicely.

    I’ve been puzzled by Obama’s infamous bow to King Abdullah in the context of the blanket support he’s given the Muslim Brotherhood. Abdullah hates and fears the MB for the same reasons he loathes their offshoot Al Qaeda. Perhaps the Saudi ruling elite looks on the MB and affiliates as useful tools in the West, but they’ve made it plain they don’t want them throwing their weight around in the neighbourhood. If the Saudis did in fact foot the bill for Hussein’s million-dollar education, wouldn’t they prefer to see their boy supporting the Salafists and not an arch-rival? Or was the kowtow nothing more than a reflex genuflection before Muslim authority.

  3. Question:

    A freeper is telling me that both the Muslim brotherhood and the Egyptian Military are both Islamists?

    True or false?

    Personally I can not find any evidence of Egyptian military has any ties with the Islamists.
    The Freeper suggest this because the military did nothing when they allowed Morsi come to power.

    Thank you

  4. We have to be careful when Muslims any side start to shout massacre, genocide etc. Its known that Muslims do stage events, particularly for the benefit of Western politicians, who need these events to justify a policy that would like to implement anyway.


    You can not destroy History. You can hide it but you cannot destroy it. Have you seen the story of physicists who say they can create wormholes to “look” a t the past. If that is true you can destroy “artifacts” but not knowledge of what went on before.

    Does a Muslim really want to explain why he wanted to destroy knowledge of the past?


    Muslims say anything preceding Islam is ignorant. It is of no worth and can be destroyed. It is more that they are so afraid of comparisons that they want all knowledge of the past destroyed so that their system of governance is unquestioned.

  6. Ox AO

    I have read threat the Muslim Brotherhood has some junior officer who are members. Either the Brotherhood reached out to them or vice versa.

    In short it is a gun fight inside the military for the hearts and minds of the officer corps and enlisted ranks. What the percentage of penetration is I do not know.

    If the MB had the upper hand inside the ranks the generals would never have been able to depose the dictator Morsi. Yes, I called him a dictator. Many dictators are elected. Hitler was. Many dictator hold elections until they can rewrite the law. Morsi was busy rewriting it so the MB would have no credible, future opposition.

    Still the generals have to deal with a threat from within. If not purged, the MB officers have to see that the MB is discredited. This can be done by exposition of ideals and by good governance.

    Good governance is key. If you have the opposite it is hard to discredit others. The worse the governance the harder it is.

    The MB was worse than the military but that does not mean the military governance is good or good enough for the Egyptians to prosper.

  7. Great stuff about the primacy of order. We in the west think that order is the norm, but it derives from our culture of agreeing democratically to accept a certain amount of power from the government to maintain property rights and suppression of crime.

    The idea of certain leaders like Obama that having a few elections would solve deep-seated problems was just naive.

  8. A large part of the problem the west has in understanding what is going on in Egypt is that for decades we have been taught that all cultures are equal and that we are all alike and want the same things. For this reason the average westerner is unable to look at the nations controlled by the Arabic culture and understand what their motives are and what their future actions will be.

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