Links and news for Aug 16 2013 – 1

1. Couple Arrested On Blasphemous Text Message Charge

A disabled Christian man, Shafaqat Emmanuel, and his wife Shagufta Kausar were arrested in Pakistan’s Punjab Province on suspicion of sending a blasphemous text message

2. The wife of a convicted terrorist has been given a one-year suspended jail sentence for failing to give police information about her husband.


(Hmm. I guess the Sopranos are right. A wife can get away with not testifying against her husband.)

3. Travel agencies stopping fights to Egypt. Returning those there.

4. Four police killed in Thai nursery school attack

Narathiwat is one of several provinces in Thailand’s Muslim-majority south, where some 5,700 people have been killed since the insurgency flared in 2004.

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  1. England becoming more like Afghanistan & Pakistan every day.

    Acid attacks, in UK, SOAR!

    “Experts say they believe many of the cases involving acid are linked to Asian communities, with women attacked by their husbands and punished for refusing forced marriages, while men were attacked during disputes over dowries.
    Latest NHS hospital figures record 144 assaults in 2011/12 involving corrosive substances, which can also include petrol, bleach and kerosene. ”

  2. I listened to a lady on LBC radio in London this morning talking about how she is going to Egypt on holiday this weekend.

    Well, looks like it’s cancelled now, luv…someone has to save you from yourself. I only hope she doesn’t have any children. Who are these morons going on holiday to Egypt?

  3. Thai travel agencies should be promoting special theme tours of the deep south for British and European holidaymakers disappointed they can’t get to Egypt. “See Your Future Here!” Added attraction a free refresher course in how costly and difficult it is to fight a savage Islamic insurgency.

    I’ve wondered for years why Thai Muslim terrorists haven’t been blowing up sex tourist districts like Patpong or Pattaya. Soft targets, so to speak, and it would badly hurt the country’s economy.

  4. Swap the ethnic Chinese and any Christians or Hindus in Malaysia for the Muslims in Thailand. Problem solved. We did it once during the partition of India

    The Chinese do all the work anyway making Malaysia the Malaysian Tiger when it comes to economic development. From what I read all these entrepreneurial have a parasitic load of Malaysia politicians who protect them from Muslims Malaysian politicians and imans who rail against them.

    Sure there are smart Muslim Malaysians but there victimology that the practice coupled with why work if you have a no show job makes my above comment about the chinese in malaysia basically true

    The ethnic Chinese are about 10% of the population but are the majority of entrepreneurs.

    Swap them, then the politicians can take credit for purifying the land of infidels at the same time they can take credit for the economic downturn.

  5. I saw this in a news article and not at this link. but this is the gist of it. Every Chinese person has a leach attached to them. Instead of sucking blood they suck money. This is a unique implementation of dhimmitude. Kind of a gilded slavery

    welcome to islam

    August: Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad informed the Malaysian Chinese that the government policy of spreading wealth to the Malay Muslims should not be seen as an injustice, but a chance to share business skills with the bumiputras.

  6. We’;; see hpw long thos goers on. Last riots were n 1969. Since Chinese have a shadow who they are teaching the ropes and also paying as white collar, those people have a vested interest in no riots for the time being. The shadows come the the family of the politically connected ethnic Malays. But you all already guessed that.

    Ethnic Chinese make up 80 percent of Malaysia’s top 40 richest: report

  7. The difference in cultures is pretty plain just over the Thai/Malaysia border on either coast. West coast = Penang = lots of Chinese = bustling, prosperous, diverse. East coast = Kota Baru = Muslim Malay = coconut trees and a lot of guys picking their toes waiting for tourists to rip off. Unless there’s been some earth-moving change recently.

  8. Asians, Asians, Asians. Its all the fault of Asians. Buddhism is the majority faith in Asia. So “Asian” must mean Buddhists.

    These Buddhists are creating havoc in the country – terrorism, honour killings, FGM, acid attacks, and raping children by the thousands, giving Multi-cultism a bad name.

    I fear a major civil war in Europe, and everyone will suffer. Far better for Buddhists and the rest to live apart in peace, then the civil war that our idiot political elite have foisted on us.

    Why does the media continue to lie by not naming the culprits. Buddhism is supposed to be peaceful but everyone knows the truth. Its time the media started to tell the truth.

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