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6 Replies to “Young French mother speaks out about France today.”

  1. @ Ross: and there is real cause to be seriously concerned for France. She, of course, has now go into hiding, at least physically. Just imagine if those, who now threaten her to cut her throat would get their dirty claws on her.

    The hope rests with courageous youth of France, their Politicians and Media have given up on this once magnificent country.

  2. Yes,there is cause to feel concerned about France and the UK and Australia and any other western democracy where Islam imposes itself with little opposition from blinkered leaders and others in positions of influence.

    Western liberal societies appear to have bred a type of politician and chattering class that assumes they are more enlightened then citizens who express concerns.about the divisions and loss of freedoms caused by the large scale importation of a violent intolerant ideology into our liberal democratic societies, As a result of that arrogant complacency, they are spectacularly ill equipped to protect those societies from an opportunistic totalitarian predator ideology.

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