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5 Replies to “Frank Gaffney on closing Gitmo”

  1. Not so happy Bombathon from the Ikhwan perspective…

    Prosecutor calls for arrests as pro-Morsy group calls for Egypt protests (CNN, July 25, 2013)
    “Arrest warrants were issued Wednesday for nine Muslim Brotherhood officials, including leader Mohammed Badea, according to Egypt’s official news agency. General prosecutor Hisham Barakat ordered the leaders’ arrests for “ordering armed groups to cut off highways and threaten violence in the city of Qalyub, spreading violence and damaging public interest,” the MENA report said….”

  2. He says we need Gitmo because Islam or “Sharia doctrine” is at war with us.But its been at war with us for 1400 years during which time the level of threat fluctuated according to how strong Islam was at a particular time.The threat from Islam today is growing but only because we are feeding the monster with petro-dollars and importing hordes of Muslims into the West. This concept of fighting Islam with guns and bullets is not going work because we will need to build as many “Gitmos” as there are mosques. The West should wean itself off from middle east oil and stop mass immigration.

  3. If Islam is ever to reform it must be demonstrated, as it was with Communism, that it is a Religion of failure . Islam is a parasitic ideology that relies on its survival on a wealthy host. Need is the Mother of change and if the West detaches itself from the Muslim world this would eventually create the impetus for reform. Religion is no substitute for hunger.

  4. Arthur yes we need to develop our own oil resources and use them but we also have to resist with arms, unless we fight back with violence they will think we are afraid and will attack more often and with greater intensity.

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