Please see this update by EDL Buck

I am not 100% sure, but I think what EDL Buck refers to, is a reaction to the video in the post below. There is likely more too it, and possibly its another event. In any case:


Ashton tonight is under lock down by the Media – as Muslim and English youths are battling each other, News is blacked out as they dont want the issue to spread beyond Ashton

Viva Ashton!!! NS

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  1. The citizens are getting sick and tired of the government doing absolutely nothing, and groveling, pandering, and bribing the ‘faithful’. It makes one sick to be back stabbed and sold out by one’s political class. The primary duty of government is the security of the state, and the safety of the citizens, The UK has failed it’s citizens miserably.

  2. Still news blackout in UK on Ashton attack ….They are just endlessly repeating the same old reports of Turkey clashes.

  3. Above all….should these flames of righteous and justified indignation sweep the nation…….let those who seek justice remember the names and faces of those treasonous bastards whose treachery forged the shackles these brave young men and women seek to throw off………

    I pray they, each and every brave one of them, have grown sick and tired of their parents seething cowardice.

    To each and every one of them………Godspeed!!!!!

    Pro Deus et Pro Patria………

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

    “Quietly biding his time………….”

    I am reminded of Tennyson………

  4. The liveleak video has been played:13330 times and embeded 2714 times so far.
    UK gov/police have probably told Youtube to take it down through Google……

  5. The government is afraid of a massive spread of violence if the riot/battle is reported on, personally I think they are fools, not reporting leads to rumors that will do more damage then honest reporting.

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