Danish PM: Media should use free speech “respectfully”, we need new demands on how to use free speech

Islam Vs. Europe:

19:48 | Posted by Nicolai Sennels

Danish PM, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, rhetorically uses the word “democracy” where it actually concerns “free speech”. Tariq Ramadan or José Manuel Barroso could not have said it better. Thorning-Schmidt tells the media to limit hate speech – under which criticism of Islam and the EU is categorized – and expresses the wish for new demands on how we debate to avoid hurting peoples’ feelings. Thorning-Schmidt is – maybe not surprisingly – said to be a candidate to become the next European Commissioner for External Relations.

“Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have created new and far better opportunities to expand the public debate.
But the new of type of debate also has a democratic reverse side with ridicule, intimidation and bullying, warns Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (Social Democrats) in her Constitution speech.

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Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt

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5 Replies to “Danish PM: Media should use free speech “respectfully”, we need new demands on how to use free speech”

  1. Without free speech there is no democracy, until more people learn this we will continue to have people tell us we have to limit free speech.

  2. The only thing that make us human is the ability to learn from others mistakes.

    So Richard, They will learn it the hard way, but first they have to suffer.

  3. “…ridicule, intimidation and bullying…”
    How many Muslims such as the many Islamic hate preachers in England speak and post such things against every other religion and people! Yet you will never see them being called on it.

  4. The ‘faithful followers of the teachings of the prophet’, are very adept at using free speech and democracy to destroy our free speech and democracy. Free speech was never meant to be nice, many times the truth is very stinging, hard, harsh, and ignored by those who have no backbone, or stomach for it. Hence we have a society infected with the mental illness of Political Correctness (i.e. Marxism).

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