Counterterror police called in over ‘suspicious’ fire at Islamic center in north London

Notice how even FOX news, now owned by a Saudi Prince, mischaracterizes the EDL as “Anti-Immigrant” while there has never been a single statement or speech by any EDL spokesman saying anything similar. If anything they are pro-multiculturalism and consequently anti-Islam as Islam is the most anti-multicultural ideology in the world today.

FOX News:

LONDON –  Counter-terrorism officers are investigating a suspicious fire at a Somali community center in north London where graffiti spelling out the name of a far-right group was left on the building.

The Metropolitan Police said officers and fire services were called early Wednesday morning to a fire at the Somali Bravanese Welfare Association.

Police say the fire caused extensive damage to the community center, and graffiti reading “EDL” — the anti-immigrant English Defense League — was found on the building.

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10 Replies to “Counterterror police called in over ‘suspicious’ fire at Islamic center in north London”

  1. It’s either a few frustrated natives who have tarnished the name of the EDL by scrawling graffiti around their handiwork, or it’s Muslims / Leftists who have burned the mosque down and left a fake EDL signature so that they can claim Muslim victimhood as usual.
    Either way, mosque-burning is to be a fashion of the future if the Islamic menace is not taken care of!

  2. I vote for Moslems trying to make the EDL look bad, if it were the Brits finally starting to use violence it would be much more direct.

  3. Fox News:“Mosques and Islamic centers in London have been on high alert after several were attacked following the slaying of a British soldier last month.”

    Wow, they’ve gone for a British soldier and now they’re going for the Islamic Centers…. hold on… that Taqiyya isn’t it… I’m glad I’m more clued up than Fox’s viewers.

  4. During the GZM protests a guy stabbed a muslim cab driver. The mosque supporters used it to show Ms. Gellar was insipriing people to attack muslims.

    The local news eventually learned that the guy was working FOR THE MOSQUE.

    He was an acloholic art student who had been traumatized by shooting in a war zone. This is just the borderline type that get manipulated into doing extreme things for causes by Agent Provocateurs working for PR companies.

    So if they can talk someone into stabbing a muslim, they are absolutley capable of burning down a building and using deception in order to blame their opposition.

  5. History repeating itself, remember Hitler and the ‘National Socialists’ burned the Riechstag building to the ground and blamed the Communists.

  6. Yeah and it took the lives of many brave people to stop that attempt to conquer the world, once again fascism has reared its ugly head and once again people are ignoring it.

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