Brit Wanted To Raise Sex Slaves, Say US Police

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Sky News:

Shuhel Mahboob Ali allegedly told an undercover agent he wanted to get a teenager pregnant so he could abuse their children.

Shuhel Mahboob AliShuhel Mahboob Ali was arrested in Florida
  •  A British man has been arrested by police in Florida who claim he flew to the US to have sex with an underage girl and then raise their children as sex slaves.
  • Shuhel Mahboob Ali allegedly made contact via the internet with an undercover investigator from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in January.

    He is said to have told the agent of his plans.

    “As part of the relationship, the suspect allegedly wanted to impregnate the victim, whereupon he would be able to groom the children to be abused by the suspect from the time of birth,” a police statement said.

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4 Replies to “Brit Wanted To Raise Sex Slaves, Say US Police”

  1. Why was known paedophile free to rape girl of 11? Teenager who subjected girl to three hour ordeal was on probation for attack on a 12-year-old

    Opemipo Jaji facing life sentence for attacking schoolgirl last November

    Officers found circled newspaper adverts for child care apprenticeships

    Cuttings about April Jones, five-year-old killed in Wales, found in room

    Had previously been convicted for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old in 2011

    Was under supervision order for having child porn at time of attack

    Ministry of Justice orders two review’s into the handling of Jaji’s case

    A teenage paedophile viciously raped a girl of 11 while he was on probation for another sex crime.

    Opemipo Jaji – who was ‘obsessed with little white girls’ – dragged the girl into a park after she got off a bus from school.

    She had tried to run away from him, but he caught up with her before repeatedly raping her over a three-hour period.

    After the attack, the girl told police she tried to escape twice, but Jaji threatened to stab her, saying ‘I am this close to killing you’.

    The attack took place 90 minutes after the 18-year-old had been seen by his probation officer.

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