Egyptian TV satirist turns himself in to police

The international community should be watching this extremely closely. This is a major event and has the potential to be a global awakening at least to who the Ikhwan is, if not Islam overall.

I certainly hope regular reports come in on the fate of this TV host.


           Popular television satirist Bassem Youssef turned himself over to prosecutors on Sunday after an arrest warrant was issued against him for allegedly insulting Islam, the country’s leader Mohamed Morsi and the ruling Muslim Brotherhood party.

By Kate Moody (video)
News Wires (text)

Prosecutors in Egypt were questioning popular satirist Bassem Youssef on Sunday over alleged insults to the president and to religion, reigniting calls for freedom of expression in post-revolt Egypt.

Youssef, whose weekly programme Albernameg (The Show) has pushed the boundaries of local television with its merciless critique of those in power, continued to challenge the authorities even as he arrived at the prosecutor’s office.

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