Links and news for March 26 2013

1. Life in South Africa since Apartheid is going swimmingly

2. Canada does something or other to deal with immigration problems. Can’t quite tell if its real policy or slight of hand for statistical improvement by accounting changes. Could be good. Will try and work it out later.

3. Does Sec. State Kerry have some family vulnerability with his Iranian relatives?

4. Front Page Mag on the Cypress commie quiet revolution

5. “The operation went very well. But the patient died.” Sweden feels more immigration will solve its problems. Death is also a cure for leprosy for that matter.

6. European union feels it will likely have to steal from everyone according to what they have, and what the EU needs to float what was a catastrophically bad idea in the first place. The EU feels perfectly entitled to steal peoples savings right from their accounts in order to keep alive the idea of the pan European Rupel.

7. A bunch of ‘Swedish’ muslims go to kill people they don’t know in a country that isn’t theirs no matter how you slice it and make a jihad video. So we subtitled it our own way.

8. Egyptian Christians describe torture at the hands of Libyan captors

9. Muslims convene all male panel on violence towards women in London. And if you believe their reason for making it all male, I have several time shares for sale. Leave phone number and bank account info in comments.

10. Newest cash grab from Cypress Banks. March 27 Daily Mail.


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  1. re: 1. Life in South Africa since Apartheid is going swimmingly

    life away from the cities appears to be tolerable for now but, SA is going the way of the rest of that continent; descending into disease infested savagery and religious war.
    let them get on with it.
    as the last vestiges of humanity sputter out of existence in the birth place of humanity, civilised peoples whose culture is based on rational thought and logical laws can move in and turn it into paradice on earth.

  2. Turkish police fire teargas at protesting Syrian refugees, many hurt

    Turkish military police fired teargas at Syrian refugees protesting against living conditions in their camp on Wednesday, wounding many, residents of the camp said.

    Residents of the Suleiman Shah camp in Akcakale, a Turkish town near the Syrian border, said young men started a large demonstration after a faulty electrical supply outlet set fire to a tent earlier that day.

    Three brothers aged 7, 18 and 19 were injured in the tent fire, Turkish officials said. Camp residents said one of the brothers had died.

  3. Martin says:
    March 27, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    “CBC : Muslim-friendly, halal makeup on the rise in Canada”

    presumably it is made in iran as it would need to glow to be seen through a burqa

  4. Myanmar forces fire warning shots to break up mobs

    YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Myanmar security forces fired shots into the air to break up new religious violence as attacks on Muslim targets continued despite government attempts to halt them, state television reported Wednesday.

    The evening TV report said there were attacks against ‘‘religious buildings,’’ shops and houses on Tuesday and Wednesday in Bago region north of Yangon, and warning shots were fired to stop the unrest. No casualties were reported.

    It said curfews and a ban on public gatherings were imposed in two more townships, bringing the total to nine.

    Residents contacted by phone said the targets were Muslims.

    Occasional isolated violence involving majority Buddhists and minority Muslims has occurred for decades, even under the authoritarian military governments that ruled the country from 1962 to 2011. But tensions have heightened since last year when hundreds of people were killed and more than 100,000 made homeless in violence in western Myanmar between ethnic Rakhine Buddhists and Muslim Rohingya.

    The recent religious unrest began March 20 with rioting by Buddhists in the central city of Meikhtila that was sparked by a dispute between a Muslim gold shop owner and his Buddhist customers. Authorities say calm has been restored there after at least 40 people died over three days.

    State newspapers said Meikhtila is still under tight security and a state of emergency is still in place in order to prevent a recurrence of the violence.

    Mar Mar, a resident of Okapho town, said a group of 50 people ‘‘came to destroy a few Muslim houses’’ on the outskirts of the town on Wednesday afternoon. She said soldiers have been deployed in downtown Oakpho but security personnel did not arrive in time to stop the violence.

    A resident of nearby Min Hla, speaking on condition of anonymity because of concerns about her safety, said two mosques and some shops were destroyed Wednesday and soldiers had to fire into the air to disperse the mob.

    Incidents were also reported in the townships of Nattalin and Zeegon. All are less than 190 kilometers (120 miles) north of Yangon, the country’s biggest city.end of story marker

  5. Kerry’s ties to Iran leave him open to blackmail, given what an asshole he is he will sell out the US in an instant.

    The response from the EU about raiding bank accounts any time they want proves what I have said for a long time, socialism/marxism is stealing.

    South Africa is descending into a genocidal nation one that will sicken the world, and the left will ignore it because the criminals are black.

    The Moslems are acting like Moslems always do.

  6. Egypt’s military stop attempt to cut internet cable

    Attempt to cut internet cable halted by Egyptian marines

    Egypt’s marines stopped a ‘criminal operation’ on Wednesday to sever a regional Mediterranean cable providing internet to Egypt, said a military source.

    Wearing diving suits, three of the “criminals” were arrested while on a fishing boat in the Shatbi area in the coastal city of Alexandria.

    Internet services in Egypt have been disrupted by earlier damage to an undersea cable, Link Dot Net boss Waseem Arsani told Ahram Online earlier in the day.

    “The technical damage could disrupt Egypt’s internet services by almost 50 percent,” Arsani added.

    Last Friday, Egypt’s biggest internet service provider, TE Data, stated that one of its international undersea cables had undergone some technical damage, which affected the speed of online services nationwide.

    The company announced the following Sunday that it had repaired the damage.

  7. Female tourist sent to mental hospital after stripping naked in Upper Egypt

    British woman sent to mental hospital after she strips naked and performs ‘bizarre movements’ in Upper Egypt’s Luxor

    A female British tourist was sent to a mental hospital in Upper Egypt’s Aswan on Tuesday after she reportedly removed her clothes in public.

    The 31-year-old was arrested in Luxor by tourism police on Monday.

    Al-Ahram Arabic news website said the woman was found “doing bizarre movements” whilst naked and she had escaped from two hospitals in Luxor before being sent to the mental hospital in Aswan.

    Luxor, known as the world’s greatest open-air museum, is witnessing summer-like weather with temperatures rising to 32-36 degrees over the past few days.

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