Belgium: Local Councillor of Islam Party Invites Belgian King to Convert to Islam

As has been noted in the comments under another post, Mohamed used to send out an invitation to the leader of a nation to convert himself and his people to Islam or face dhimmitude or war. This was standard operating procedure, and one of these threat-letters still exists in a museum, I think in the Hagia Sophia, in Turkey as a written document. Let there be no misunderstanding. This ‘invitation’ is almost certainly a way of paving the road for violent jihad in Belgium in accordance with sharia norms.

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From Islam Vs Europe:

Open letter to his Majesty King Albert II
Brussels, 7 January 2013

In the name of God the Merciful

This letter was written by Redouane son of Abdeslam ben Ali, local councillor in Anderlecht, to Albert son of Leopold son of Albert, King of the Belgians.

Blessed be those who follow the path of revelation. Glory to God above whom there is no other divinity, the Master of the World, the Sovereign.

I testify that Jesus son of Mary is the Spirit of God and his Word. It is God who sent the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary to announce the good news. God created him from His Spirit and His breath as he created Adam from His hand and His breath.

In the Gospel, Jesus announced the forthcoming arrival of the last Prophet, Mohammed. The first versions of the Bible testify to this. In the Holy Koran, God enjoins us to believe in all His Prophets, his Angels and his sacred Books. Any monotheist believer fill find in the Koran the satisfaction of his faith.

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9 Replies to “Belgium: Local Councillor of Islam Party Invites Belgian King to Convert to Islam”

  1. Wow their councillors are radical. Usually it would be some fringe group who would do this. I wonder if the Belgian royals understand the full implications of this “invitation.” More like an “offer” he can’t refuse without great peril from a mobster.

  2. Has to be done three times to make a fatwa legal. Not sure what the prescribed interval needs be. I remember Dinnerjacket inviting Bush and America to Islam three times over the period of a few years.

    It isn’t done in sincerity, it is a prerequisite for religious sanction for violence. And if it’s cool with Allah, it is super cool for ‘Slums.

  3. Given what is going on around the world I expect the next two offers this year, things are coming to a head and the violence will start soon.

  4. This is a threat and should be treated as one. Instead of ignoring it the Belgian government should drag his sorry arse over hot coals. I hope this was put out in all the major newspapers in Belgium. Maybe then more people will realize that this is not a peaceful offer but a hidden dagger to the establishment……………prick!

  5. ohhh god there is only one problem with your suggestion, the Belgium government would have to admit that the massive number of Moslems they let in the country is a danger to Belgium. They aren’t going to admit to a mistake.

  6. Richard they do not have to admit to a mistake, at the least they could warn his actions are not permissible. This is obviously not going to happen either so I feel like banging my head against a brick wall. Sometimes I cannot believe this is happening but I have to remember that I was a blinkered and brainwashed idiot once. Ohhhhh God!

  7. In their minds doing anything to criticize any Moslem action is admitting to a mistake, I know that isn’t rational but very few leftist are rational.

  8. I absolutely agree. I am a Frenchman and live in France so I am a neighbour of Belgium. But this is one of the problems that we get with the muslims. Here in Europe the atmosphere really becomes bad. Muslims’ aim is to dominate the world by their religion which is also a political system, they call it the sharia. That is awful, they are allowed to kill people as they want. To my mind we are closed to the civil war, we will not able to avoid it, it’s too late.
    What a shame, we would be able to live in peace at home without them !!!

  9. Thierry it is not just France that is close to a civil war, the entire western world is real close to civil war, once it starts in one nation it will spread around the world.

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