England preparing to hand down important precedents concerning critical freedoms.

First, concerning this fine woman. When you watch this, think of all the concessions the government of the UK has made to Muslim employees such as special head and face coverings for Muslim hospital workers etc.

And for more on the legal case as well as others in similar positions please click here

This bears watching. This, for those of us who live in North America, is tomorrow’s newspaper today. A wise thing to read if you have any investment in the future at all.

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  1. They have already tried this here (No I don’t have the url) I remember a few years ago some school ordered the students to remove their crosses because they were gang symbols. The Courts back up the students after it was appealed high enough.

  2. When a culture hates itself as much as ours does, abusing its own history and embarrassed by its own traditions, it fully deserves its inevitable destruction.

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