Muslim in France hammers animals to death in public, calls it ‘art’

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Animal right activists are demanding the banning of a bloody show in the famous French Centre Pompidou. The French artist Adel Abdessemed will end his exhibition in this museum by torturing animals.

The artist of Algerian origin will carry a cow, a calf, a pig, a goat and a sheep to the Centre Pompidou, which is one of the most famous museums of Paris, and he will smash them with a hammer till death to the sound of heavy (metal).

“We have to stop this absurd show from the point of view of the true artists and those who appreciate art. Torturing animals is not art, but cruelty, and humans should not do this. This show will be an insult to the feelings of many people who defend animals”, the petition addressed to the Culture Minister Aurélie Filippetti states.

The appeal to stop this “dreadful crime” has got 25.500 signatures in 3 weeks at the civil organization’s website, but 30.000 are needed. The animal rights activists will demonstrate next to the museum.

This center is currently presenting the first major exhibition dedicated to the artist Adel Abdessemed, which will be open till January 7, and bears the name “I am Innocent”. A gigantic sculpture was temporarily erected as part of the exhibition. It displays the famous head butt which the French Zinedine Zidane directed to the Italian, Marco Matterazi, at the final of the 2006 World Soccer Championship in Germany.

In spite of the important prestige and international recognition, many have doubts about the artistic value of Adel Abdessemed. Some years ago one of his exhibitions was closed in San Francisco 5 days after the opening due to massive protests and threats.

France has recently seen scandals involving animals. This week the famous actress Brigitte Bardot declared that she will apply for the Russian citizenship if two elephants ill with tuberculosis in the zoo of Lyon are killed because of fears that the illness could be passed on to humans.

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21 Replies to “Muslim in France hammers animals to death in public, calls it ‘art’”

  1. I hunt and I eat meat, having said that this is sick, anyone who will torture helpless animals will do the same to anyone they can lay their hands on, this man is a potential serial killer, if he isn’t already torturing and murdering people.

  2. I sit here reading this-in utter disbelief and extreme anger- how horrendous! I will now go to and sign this petition-I will also recruit as many of my animal activist friends as possible-will post this to Facebook-and other social websites! this “MUST!!” be stopped! this ‘thing’ that plans on ‘performing’ this suppossed form of art- is sub-human!!! and that’s putting it politely!

  3. Where to next for this Arab? As he “works” with all media, a snuff movie about Women or little girls perhaps? The Koran will give him an alibi, no doubt.

  4. MUSLIM in Netherlands stabs her daughter to death-

    NETHERLANDS – “Muslim” mother of Moroccan descent stabbed her 16 years old daughter to death – the girl might have been pregnant

    of course it has nothing to do with Islam the mother never said she was Islamist – it’s pure tradition – it’s a cultural thing — nothing to do neither with honour crimes – it only gives a new pretext for the PVV of Geert Wilders to discriminate against the peaceful and tolerant Muslim immigrants …

    article in Dutch :

    in French :

    pics :

  5. “He is not a muslim at all and has never been muslim. He has stated he is neither Muslim or Christian in several interviews when asked.

    How do you know that he “has never been muslim”? Because he says so?

    He is born in Algeria and lived there till the age of 23. So it is easy to (perhaps mistakenly ,perhaps not mistakenly) assume he is muslim, at least culturally, as is the majority of Algerians living in France.

    If you ask me, wether I am Christian or Atheist, I will answer “I am neither”, however my upbringing and cultural back ground that still informs my reactions and perhaps even actions, is judeo/christian. “Give me the child to the age of 7 and I give you the wo/man”….

    Cruelty to animals (and women) seems to be de rigeur in islamic circles, while in judeo/christian (and probably in atheistic) circles it is officially an aberration.

    Oh and sometimes I answer that “Gretchenfrage”* with: “I’m a catholic agnostic”.

    *) Gretchenfrage: the question that Margarete asks in Goethe’s Faust I, lines 3426-3465

  6. Boba W:

    Why is that woman walking around free? What Western nation does not have a law against what she does? This is beyond an outrage! IS it that anything goes (unless Muslims don’t like it) if its called art?

  7. This is not art but something completely different. The purpose of art is to appeal to and uplift the human spirit not drag it down into the pits of human depravity. This is no more than more than the handiwork of some exhibitionist exposing his appetite for wanton cruelty and sadism for the purpose of appealing to the base instincts of mankind. It is worthless, immoral and criminal. It is another sign of the times where there are no boundaries and where nothing is off limits-Godless! Where the hideous, the cruel, the distorted and the ugly are promoted over all that is good, decent and above all else beautiful.

    Algeria is a Muslim majority countries and the treatment of animals across the Muslim world beggars belief! At the rate things are going now the West will soon catch up!

  8. “this man is sick because he kills animals, why are you people more concerned with telling the world he isn’t a muslim, and show no concern whatever for the animals??????”

    The headlines of the article itself stated he was Muslim, it was untrue and needed pointing out because some people on here only appear to have read, or be concerned about that as an indication of what all muslims must there for be like. To point out this error, in no way means people are not concerned about the animals, if anything that title falls on the writer of the article and the headline, clearly.

    “How do you know that he “has never been muslim”? Because he says so?”

    I would say that is a pretty much safer bet than going by the headline of this story, as you did, without at least checking it out before bursting into a full on blast of all muslims and blaming the Koran. I understand you retaliation was probably embarrassment of looking silly, hopefully it was not due to pure ignorance, time will tell.

  9. Vicky:

    I made the assumption that he is Muslim because he has a Muslim name, is from a very Muslim country and one with a profound record of Islamic violent horror that well predates 911 in terms of grotesqueness that are intended to promote Islamic rule. Slaughtering girls at bus stops for instance who aren’t dressed right or are going to secular schools. That sort of thing.

    He may claim he isn’t a Muslim and he may not be an observant one. But I think a case can be made that his exhibitionist sadism can credit an Islamic culture as foundational to it. But then, we do see cases where non Muslims indulge in these behaviors.

    When we do however, in Western societies we tend to call them criminals or mentally ill and jail or treat them rather than say, name a blvd. after them as they do in many Muslim countries for their most brutal and murderous ‘martyrs’.

    So if I got this headline wrong, if I mis-characterized his influence as Islamic when it it not, I apologize. But I think it was a very safe bet all things considered.

  10. “…this man is sick because he kills animals, why are you people more concerned with telling the world he isn’t a muslim, and show no concern whatever for the animals??????…”

    Excellent rhetorical question, jacsathome2. It’s a fairly typical response from a certain demography who, when you point to the bushfire will be criticising your finger.

  11. What can anyone possibly say to this other than this monster really needs to not be on this planet as he is clearly a sicko headcase and is very dangerous. What next will he start doing this to women. As if the authorities can’t stop him from doing this. I imagine he has being doing this for years in his backyard the barbarian.

  12. @ Steph: “…What next will he start doing this to women…”

    He seems to have taken already a little “nibble” at that in this “work” of his.

    “As if the authorities can’t stop him from doing this.”

    Well, exactly. But the new extreeeeeeme-left-socialist government never stop Muslims or Arabs from doing anything, which, together with his origines (born and lived in Algeria at least half of his life) favour the theory that he is at least one of those.

    (the new French president, Hollande is such an arab/muslim lover that he went out of his way to honour them to their religious celebration at the end of Ramadan, while he had not even one word for the real French to wish them happy Christmas.

  13. This is utterly crazy, on the part of museum officials, that they would even consider this. And it is utterly crazy that animals have so few rights in France – don’t they have an SPCA, or something, that can intervene in cases of animal cruelty. Finally, the artist sounds like an utter sadist – taking pleasure in creating pain. Ughhh. Then, I did not see a link where we could sign the petition. I will go on the petition site (you give a name) and sign.

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