German State TV does meaningful and accurate analysis of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is pretty big. Germany’s largest TV station, ZDF, does a short piece on the true nature of the Ikhwan and accurately compares them to the Nazis or communists.

This is the best news I have heard for some time.

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4 Replies to “German State TV does meaningful and accurate analysis of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

  1. @Eeyore – thanks for that ZDF finally seeing the light? Hopefully it’s not too little too late, but it is encouraging.

    I would like to put this video on my little blog, but I seem to be able to only post U-Tube videos. It goes without saying that I would of course acknowledge Vlad Tepes, but I think rather than simply posting the link to here, the direct video might be better. I think it should be broadcast as far and as wide as possible. In France the world champion of Taqia, Tarik Ramadin, is the darling of the media, in Munich, the MB have been ensconced for years and years….it’s time that they are shown for what they are….

  2. You are right, this is good news, if the German media is waking up there is good reason to believe Europe may not fall to Islam.

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