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12 Replies to “Talk to Al Jazeera – Marine Le Pen: The threat of radical Islam”

  1. Apart from her point on Israel I agree totally with what the lady said. I never ‘got’ France but as I learn more I find myself agreeing with ‘her’ more and more. Viva la France!

  2. Great interview but those Euro chicks stray from point to point too quickly….they need some reining in before they claw each other to death.

  3. Marine Le Pen is my heroine – and I agree with everything she says – except the point about Israel’s defence against the bloody HAMAS rockets being “disproportionate”. While I am completely pro-Israel, I must say that the French Jewish comunity have given her a very hard time for a long time for the sins of her father, yet she is one of the very few friends the French Jews have on that political scene..

    Anyway, the most ghastly piece of work – the proverbial fox in the chicken den – who is behind that is their new “Minister for Justice”. A nasty anti-white racist and hater of France, Christine Taubira. She has the highest power and is representing JUSTICE — it makes me physically sick. The first thing Taubira did after her tokenistic ascention to power was to decree that the “disadvantaged youth from the sensible suburbs” (a euphemism for arab/african muslim criminals ) are carrying the weight of former colonisation on their shoulders, therefore they should not be incarcarated…and so they can continue to gangrape, drug-deal, kill …while she completely disarmed and emasculated the French police. She literally HATES France and the West.

    here is a picture of the cow:


  4. As a private individual with personal bad experiences regading islam and muslims, I too tend to think that there is no such thing as “moderate” islam – but as a voter I understand that Marine LePen has to put some water into her vine – she IS a politician after all, and needs to garner votes in a country that has been sooooo islamised that, when they vote for “the Mother of the year” (a quaint French tradition, where they hand out a gold medal to that mother), 5 out of the 7 who get a price are so-called “moderate” muslimas, one is a “secular” muslim (no veil at all) and one is French. (and I think she said “moderate muslims” not “moderate Islam”).


  5. Well Rita, there’s the fact that, unlike western natives, who come in myriad categories, and are a very diverse, heterogeneous lot, 99.999999% of people originating from muslim countries profile themselves first and foremost, in one homogeneous block, as muslim. That fact alone is sufficient grounds for me to conclude that there just is no such thing as moderate muslims, or islam. How can people, who are raised on a handbook of supremacist beliefs, with parasitism written into the heart of it, hold a moderate appreciation of inferior pigs, apes, dogs, and monkeys. And don’t forget about taqqiya.

  6. Fred, personally I would even go further and say that Islam and Moderation are opposites.

    I also observed (in France) among the third generation of arabo/muslim immigrants, even though they are not religious muslims any more, thugs from this demographic will use the excuse of “Islam” to do evil, after having been “paper French” and lived in France for generations. Actually with the increase in salafists many of them BECOME “practising” mostly extreme islamists for the first time in France.

    What I say of Marine LePen is very relative – her flaws (she is above all a POLITICIAN) are soooooooooooooooo much fewer than that of other French politicians, that I forgive her when she puts a little honey on the stick when vote-catching. And you cannot imagine the pressure, threats, attempts at her security, defamation, vilification she is exposed to from nearly all sides. Including from the Jewish community who have never forgiven her father for making some pretty outrageous (if more clumsy than deliberate) statements concerning the holocaust. I have never seen a woman more strong and courageous in the face of mass onslought than Marine LePen.

    I am completely subjective towards people and folks I love and towards those I loath. đŸ™‚

  7. She is very intelligent. I liked what she said about it being better to be poor than to accept the money (which is actually bribes) from Qatar. I hope she will get to be at the top … but the Muslims (as well as a big % of Jews) will not vote for her. Good people with the best intentions for their countries are often left behind.

  8. The muslims want her dead but the Jews who will never vote for her are the suicidal kind who voted Obama in again in the US. However, the Jews who care for Israel’s destiny are coming around to see that, among the French politicians she is their only hope – Well perhaps, if the main conservative Party (the UMP) sort out their differences among the two potential leaders and finally install Jean-Francois Cope as their leader in the re-running of that leadership contest, then the France in general and the French Jews in particular have a chance. Jean-Francois Cope is Jewish and a forceful critic of the Islamisation of France. He also would not be against a rapprochement with Marine LePen. Personally I see this as a “light at the end of the tunnel”.

  9. So radical Islam is a problem? If so, if you don’t believe that much in this religion, it is OK? If radical Islam is a problem, it also means that Islam is fundamentally wrong. This religion is fundamentally hateful are very aggressive. Muslims are welcome if they live their religion in the respect of others. I have no respect for religion because religion is fascism dress the holy way.

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