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3 Replies to “Secularists in Egypt battle the Muslim Brotherhood for control of Tahrir Sq”

  1. No hope for Egypt at all! Civilwar is soon to be the name of the game in that godforsaken craphole. Muslims have no idea of what democracy really is, to them its just mobrule and the dictatorship of the biggest party.

    The brotherhood is a theocratic-totalitarian organization and that is what the majority og these fuckheads have voted for. Pardon my french.

    Everything will go to hell for them, as everybody just goes berserk in a political climate of savagery, fanaticism and more savagery.

    The secularists will most likely be killed by the thousands, the copts likewise, while I think the brotherhood and the salafists will begin battle for control.

    Egypt is going down in flames!

  2. I feel sorry,but not too much, for the christians there who were hoping, thinking, believing…that the revolution will bring advantages and democracy for them too…Sad but IGNORANCE does NOT pay, and now they understood…For them Mubarak was a guarantee of freedom and safe life…Bush in the WH and Mubarak in charge, gave them the right to celebrate Christmas…:now they can forget and regret the wrong decisions done

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