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5 Replies to “Ezra interviews another of Omar Khadr’s victims”

  1. I’m so disgusted with the useful idiots that are Khadr’s groupies that I could spit. After hearing this additional info it makes me wonder just how brain damaged ( or soul damaged) someone has to be to to support this piece of sh*t. He is not repentant, in fact he is proud of what he did and if they think for one moment he wouldn’t love to do the same to them they are mistaken. Khadr is a terrorist and will always be a terrorist and will strive to fulfill his ultimate goal of dying as a martyr, and when he does he’ll take a whole lot of innocents with him. And if those “innocents” are mostly his useful idiots, there would be some justice in that.

  2. Any representatives of a society that hasn’t been gangrened by decadence would have served him on his wishes, and shot him. It would have spared us a headache, and a lot of money.

  3. THANK YOU IRWIN COTLER YOU PIECE OF ARROGANT SHIT! Google Irwin Cotler Omar Khadr and you will find article after article of the Canadian Boynie Sanders demanding that Canada do the right thing and bring back this muslim vermin:

    From this liberal prick’s webpage


    excuse my language but this prick took 40% of the votes in my left wing Jewish riding of Mont Royal, Qc. Paying for this prick’s salary and pension is a good reason to leave the country.

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