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10 Replies to “Dutch TV show finally takes on the dhimmis at the EU”

  1. M. Schulz says: Freedom of speech does not mean *I* have to agree with everything that is published.

    To which i reply: Your a member of the European Parliament – unless we are talking about snuff films where fellow human beings are being sexually and physically humiliated, you have no right what so ever to decide for other human being what they can an can not watch.

    Another point – and this is mentioned in the video – he shouldn’t have the right to voice his personal feeling as president of the European Parliament. If he thinks the video is blasphemous (why would he when he is a socialist) then that is his personal opinion and he has no right to voice it.

    So, Mr. Schulz if you want to voice your opinion then leave the EU Parliament and go back to becoming another voice amongst hundreds.

  2. The last reaction of the Dutch representative: It is your problem if you don’t understand his answer.

    These people are clearly fascists/communists – they want to force there world view and opinions on other people.

    Well, Kudos to Geenstijl and Pownews, one of the few media groups that are post-left – they make fun of nearly everyone and that is why i still read there old news-blog.

  3. The fault lies not with Muslims who have been allowed in, but with the ruling socialist/communist elite of the EU, who have, with malice conspired to betray the people of Europe.

    Muslims, though their canonical books have made it abundantly clear, by word and deed, that their mission is to destroy every society and replace it with Islam – by force in the final stages, as an example to the defeated, and a blood seal on the conquest.

    The guilt for putting Europe/West, and thus the whole world at risk, lies with our idiot politicians, who by way negligence, ignorance, self-greed or malevolence, have brought this catastrophe on our heads. There has to be punishment commensurate with the crime.

  4. @DP111

    The biggest political faction within the EU are the Christian-Democrats and there center-rightist allies. If you doubt me go to Wikipedia and enter ”Member of the European Parliament” then scroll down until you see the European Parliament divided by major fraction – every fraction has a dozen different European political parties as member.

    Now: Everything to the right of the European greens is neither socialist nor communist, but Liberal, Social-Liberal, Christian-Democratic, Center-Rightist, Conservative, anti-federal or Euro-sceptic… etc. The Socialist and Communists part are the dark and light red part of the spectrum and remember Liberal means free-market in Europe.

    The biggest fraction is the European Peoples Party – again which the English Wikipedia define as Christian-Democratic, Liberal-Conservative and Conservative.

    So clearly the EU is not a socialist/communist project.

  5. Bobbejane Wikipedia is a notoriously inaccurate source of information, the EU was started by the European left to create a socialist nation with the size and wealth of the US to counter balance the conservative US. Also what the Europeans consider to be right wing or conservative are not what the US and Canada consider to be conservative, in fact most European conservatives fit our description of moderate liberals.

  6. Dear Richard,

    Either you proof the information is inaccurate, or you leave the source alone. I redirected DP111 to Wikipedia because it was faster then looking the information on a EU website.

    The EU was not started by socialists – in truth many of it’s founding figures like Robert Schuman and Konrad Adenauer where Christians and Jean Monnet, the father of the EU wasn’t a socialist either, he was a war-figure who worked together with Churchill and Roosevelt during the war.

    The EU (at that moment the European Coal and Steel Community) was created to make sure Europe wouldn’t experience another war and to make sure that the European resources like coal and steel could not be redirected into a war industry.

    Your claim that American politics are not the same as European politics are true – but then again there are only two political parties in the US and i am in doubt if Canada is that different from Europe. You don’t actually give a good definition of those differences.

    But those difference don’t matter because someone who supports any form of mixed or centrist political views – can not be a socialist or a communist. Socialism and Communism are dogmatic believe-systems and a Christian-Democrat or Social-Liberal can not be placed in those categories.

    The truth of the matter is that the EU neither has strong socialist/communist bases, nor a strong liberal/libertarian basing but that it is – centrist, not to far to the left or right and with a strong Christian-Democratic influence.

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