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                     By Glen Jenvey
London, 24 July, (



Red Tractor

When walking into any British supermarket they all pride themselves on selling British products where possible , this can be seen in any meat section at Asda,Tesco and Waitrose to name a few.


But do we know what we are eating? To help us we see logo’s like Red Tractor which guarantees:

– High standards of food safety and hygiene

– High Standards of animal welfare

– High Standards of Environmental protection

You would think looking at the logo that meat sold with this assured food standard is 100% British, but on contacting all major supermarkets, I was shocked to learn that in fact the standard means nothing and we are in fact eating Halal meat blessed with Islamic prayers and the animal having its throat cut until the blood drains out. In some cases it takes as long as six minutes for the animal to die even when stunned.

This practice says Tescos quote: We sell Halal meat in our stores to meet customer demand and to demonstrate that everyone is welcome at Tesco.

But what Tescos are forgetting that British people do not want to eat this Islamically blessed meat as most of us are Christian and many of us see this form of slaughter wrong with great suffering for the animal.

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8 Replies to “British Logo Goes Islamic”

  1. Enjoy your steak, its donor died a death of prolonged agony and terror……no surprise really……this exercise in cruelty is brought to you by those worshipers of a demented, poisonous lunatic, Muhammad………worshipers who delight in sodomizing little boys and girls, rubbing themselves up against little girls and covering them with their ejaculate…..stoning women….beheading and hanging women and gays……mutilating vaginas……ahhhh the list goes on and on and on……islam…..the religion of peace!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Now our political ruling class are forcing the population to eat halal meat without their knowledge. How would it be if we forced vegetarians to eat meat disguised as vegetables?

    It is unacceptable that our values of humane slaughter have been trashed to appease the unappeasable. How has it come to pass, that we have trashed our humane values and forced our society to barbarism – worse still, done it with no reference to us.

  3. The Halal slaughter method (along with Shechita which is the name for pretty much the same method used by Jews) is not cruel at all. When the animal’s throat is slit, it results in a massive drop in blood pressure causing pretty much instantaneous unconsciousness. As long as the cut is performed correctly the animal will feel a mere instant of pain compared to the intense suffering they can go through in abattoir’s with the “normal” slaughter method. The link that has been made between this story and Britain becoming an Islamic State is a bit extreme. The majority of British people are atheist. But it doesn’t mean we can’t try and make life easier and better for people of all faiths and cultures. All children should be offered a choice. That way Muslims can eat what they want and non-Muslims can eat what they want.

    The Muslim community has been passing through a phase of fourth Crusades. The battleground is the field of education, where the young generation will be educated properly with the Holly Quran in one hand and Sciences in other hand to serve humanity. A true Muslim is a citizen of the world, which has become a small global village. We are going to prepare our youth to achieve that objective in the long run. A true Muslim believes in Prophet Moses and the Prophet Jesus and without them one cannot be a Muslim. My suggestion is that in all state, independent and Christian based school special attention should be given to the teaching of Comparative Religion and Islam should be taught by qualified Muslim Teachers to make the children aware the closeness of Islam to Christianity and Judaism which will help them to think about Islam, as “A Pragmatic and Modern Way of Life,” during their life time. Those state schools where Muslim children are in majority may be opted out as Muslim Academies.

    British Establishment and society should concentrate on the evils of their own society and stop trying to change the way of life of Muslims. Muslim community does not want to integrate with the British society, indulging in incivility, anti-social behaviour, drug and knife culture, binge drinking, teenage pregnancies and abortion. Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school.

    The Palace of Westminster has rejected demands to serve halal meat in its restaurants.

    Muslim MPs and peers have been told they cannot have meat slaughtered in line with Islamic tradition.

    I have no issue with people being able to eat Halal meat as a choice. I notice how Kosher meat is never mentioned, yet it is killed in exactly the same way. No-one would dare to say anything about Israel, seeing as Westminster is in Israel’s back pocket, yet they are always quick to condemn Muslims. I can see the gaping double standard here. Same as always, keep up the race hate in the press for Muslims but ‘don’t you dare say anything about Israel and their crimes against humanity and control of Western governments’, because you will be immediately labelled anti-semitic.

    How dare the members of a British parliament defy the Muslim wishes? Just who do they think they are? What is halal? I don’t understand is it the halal meat that people don’t like or Muslims. It’s only meat, we have greater mess in this world that we need to solve. Get real. Do they serve Kosher meat? Kosher meat is non stunned to. Do they have the guts to pick on the jews? If you electrocute an animal arent you killing it twice?

    Halal meat should be an option and not enforced on the rest of us who believe it to be a cruel way of treating animals. That is all Lord Ahmed is asking for. That he and other muslim politiians can have that option. He is not asking for it to be compulsory but feels rightly upset that he mas been misled.

    It should be law that all retailers, restaurants and public services (ie schools, hospitals, prisons etc.) state what method of slaughter has been used. This would then give the consumer the choice, simple. How do you start a petition which forces partliament to debate this issue and how many signatures do you need?

    In the Koran, it does state that Muslims can eat non-Halal meat if it is not available. This rule is only applied in emergency situation when one is in dire need of sustenance and only non Halal products are available….

    Do people actually believe that stunning an animal means it feels no pain?! Slitting the throat is quick and effective. What do you think your New Zealand lamb is? All NZ meat is halal slaughtered – which makes me always choose it over British lamb.
    So shocking animals with a hundred volts is humane, please! To all the Muslim-haters just think about it logically and do your research before you judge, doesn’t Christianity preach love thy neighbor. And to all those so called people who celebrate Christmas every year and spoil your kids with presents they don’t deserve how many of you actually practice Christianity and go to church every Sunday? A show of hands please … Thought so!!!
    Halal meat means a humaine version of slaughtering animals rather than shocking them to death with a high voltage. Halal meat is more tastier and clean Ask any non Muslim person who have ate it Oh yes by the way when you go to Indian restaurants /takeaways the lovely Taste to meat we all like is HALAL Meat!!!!

  4. We Christians do not want to eat meat sacrificed to idols: that is the moral absolute. All other arguments are irrelevant.

  5. said, “When the animal’s throat is slit, it results in a massive drop in blood pressure causing pretty much instantaneous unconsciousness.”

    Bleeding from the neck causes instantaneous unconsciousness? This is satire or are you Serious?

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